Top travel experiences in the Dominican Republic

Discover the hottest things to do in the Dominican Republic, from family-filled adventures, to tropical desert islands and delicious local foods.

One of the most diverse nations in the Caribbean, you’ll soon discover that there is a myriad of exhilarating experiences and unforgettable things to do in the Dominican Republic. Whether you’re looking for your next big adrenalin rush of an adventure, dream of exploring the island’s fascinating natural wonders, or simply seek a tropical retreat to hang your hammock, this hotspot has everything under the sun.

The Dominican Republic is renowned for its blissful beaches, glistening waters and delicious rum. If that sounds like your idea of holiday heaven, check out our pick of the top travel experiences in the Dominican Republic and book your stay in Barceló Bávaro Palace for the ultimate in barefoot luxury.

Saona Island

Saona Island is a tropical island located a short distance off the south-east tip of Dominican Republic. Sail across the Caribbean waters to this idyllic location, where you will see fleets of other boats and catamarans that venture out on organized excursions every day.

This excursion offers a jam-packed day of fun in the sun, where you can make pit stops along the way at natural pools filled with starfish, indulge in a buffet lunch on the island, help yourself to local drinks and beers, and snorkel in the turquoise waters.

With its desert island scenery, towering palm trees and ivory sands, it is no wonder that Saona Island is frequently used as a film set, having previously featured in the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean.


Bavaro Adventure Park

Eager to experience a long bucket list of exciting adventures, but can’t squeeze them all into your holiday schedule? Look no further, as Bavaro Adventure Park has you and the family covered - with 15 stunning experiences in one venue.

For the ultimate family day out in Dominican Republic, head to this incredible amusement park located in Punta Cana, where you can choose from an extensive range of exhilarating activities and family thrills.

Whether you want to soar above the treetops with the ‘Zipline Skywalker’, ride a Segway through the parks, fly through the sky with the ‘Flightstimulator SkyDiver’, explore the Dino World Jurassic Adventure or relax and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and lagoons, you will be spoilt for choice in finding something to suit your group.

Check out a list of all the activities here, and book your tickets and packages online to ensure you get the best pick of the bunch. 


Coco Bongo Show & Disco

When it comes to the hottest nightlife, Coco Bongo Punta Cana is without question one of the most amazing things to do in Dominican Republic, providing you are over 18.

Party the night away at this one-of-a-kind venue, where you can enjoy an endless spectacle of entertainment on offer, from professional dancers, to performers,  singers, and trapeze artists. As if that were not enough, celebrity impersonators put on truly incredible performances, recreating the likes of Michael Jackson, Queen, Beyoncé and Madonna. Scenes from world famous movies such as Spiderman, The Mask, Saturday Night Fever and Moulin Rouge are also imitated, delivering fun entertainment to people of all different ages and interests.

10 shows are performed throughout the night, and during the intervals, DJs spin top party hits and club classics that will keep you on your feet, while confetti bombs and balloons fall from the ceiling.

The friendly and attentive staff will keep your glass filled all night long, while you relish in a pulse-pumping environment for a truly unique experience. More information and bookings can be found here.

Coco Bongo is no ordinary night out, and you will leave the venue utterly amazed by the performers, choreography and sheer brilliance of the shows. 


Hoyo Azul/Blue Hole

Hoyo Azul, also known as the ‘Blue Hole’, is a mesmerising natural pool with a sinkhole filled with the most astonishing waters that nature could possibly offer.

The cave sits at the base of limestone cliffs, with stairs allowing you to go down and take a dip in the intense blue waters. Simply cool off in the most paradisiacal of settings and admire the natural beauty around you in its truest form.

This scenic lagoon is located in Scape Park, a natural theme park in Cap Cana boasting plenty of other expeditions and attractions. 


Brugal Rum Centre Tour

Visit the Brugal Rum  centre, where you can see the magical process of turning sugarcane into one of the Dominican Republic’s world-renowned exports – rum.From farm to bottle, every drop is distilled, triple filtered and aged in the Dominican Republic to produce a distinctly different, refreshingly dry rum.Explore this local icon for $5 on a 30-minute guided tour, and you’ll also get a taste of two different delicious rums. Bávaro BeachBávaro Beach is a gift to the adrenaline seekers who flock to explore the Caribbean shores, where you can indulge in a wealth of different water sports with first-class facilities and kit hire on tap. Take your pick from catamarans, banana boats, parasailing, snorkelling, or you can even scuba dive down to the coral reef.

Discover the tropical fish through the transparent turquoise waters and bring along your waterproof camera to snap up the colourful wildlife.

Bavaro Beach is also a haven if you’re looking to relax and disconnect: you can find peaceful spots along the shoreline to soak up the sun and sip on a selection of exotic cocktails.


27 waterfalls of Damajagua (27 Charcos)

The 27 Charcos is a mesmerising series of 27 waterfalls hidden away in a tropical forest. A guide is required to tour the 27 Charcos, to ensure you have adequate safety equipment and navigation throughout this thrilling excursion.

On arrival, you will be fitted with helmets and lifejackets, followed by a trek through the exotic jungle to reach the falls. Simply climb from fall to fall, while jumping and sliding your way down the natural waterslides, landing in the crystal clear natural pools. Admire the breath-taking scenery of gushing waters cascading down the rocks, tropical birds soaring above your head, and the colourful scenery around you.

Guided tours usually only take visitors up the first seven waterfalls, but it is possible to see all 27, although children under 8 are not permitted to climb the first waterfall. 


Indulge in local cuisine

If you’re a passionate foodie and want to escape the monotonous hotel buffets, then indulging in the finest local culinary delights is a must-do experience. Located in Santo Domingo on the main square of the colonial city, Jalao is one of the top restaurants for locals and tourists, both for its local fare and immensely energetic live merengue (Caribbean-style music). Indulge in the likes of chicken wings saturated in local Mamajuana barbecue sauce, served with rice and peas - and wash it down with a glass of the finest local rum.

Alternatively, dine with the Dominicans at El Conuco and try the best local fish cooked in coconut milk, or a delicious steak in chimichurri sauce. The friendly waiters will certainly turn up the entertainment factor wearing their straw hats and traditional costumes whilst bursting into song and dance throughout the course of the evening.