Travel gifts: the perfect presents for the traveller in your life

Travel gifts for the person in your life who can't get enough of exploring. What to buy your travel-obsessed relative, partner or friend.

So, there’s someone in your life who just can’t stand still. They can’t get enough of discovering the globe, and if given half a chance they’d probably travel full time. And, if you’re reading this, it’s probably their birthday, or an anniversary, or some kind of special occasion, so you’ve been looking into ideas for travel gifts they’d love.

It might even be the run up to Christmas that’s got you casting around for travel gift ideas, or perhaps they’re off on a big adventure, and you’re looking for gift ideas for someone going on a trip.

We know, shopping for presents is never easy. If you’re not a massive travel fan yourself, it can be difficult to come up with ideas for things that the travel lover in your life might want or need.

Luckily for you, though, this article should go a long way towards solving all your gift-buying problems.

Below, you’ll find gifts ideas for people who travel for different reasons, gifts for a person who loves to travel in general, and gifts for a person going travelling.

Read on for a little inspiration.

The best gifts for business travellers

The needs of business travellers are a bit different from other kinds. It’s travelling out of obligation rather than out of choice, so in this case, travel gifts should be all about making their life easier.

If you’re looking for something on the practical side, packing cubes are great gifts for business travellers, as they mean they can keep all their belongings neat, tidy and in order.On a similar note, you could treat them to a really good quality toiletry bag. There are lots of designer ones out there and picking something that’s made well will mean it will last them for years.

Travel gifts for men

If you’re looking for travel gift ideas for him, how about a travel blazer? There are plenty of these on the market, and they’re designed not to wrinkle when rolled up, and have plenty of useful pockets. Perfect for flying or when they need to add a touch of class to their outfit.

And to go with the blazer, why not treat them to a nice bar of solid cologne? They won’t interfere with liquid limits on planes and there are all kinds of options out there with gorgeous scents.

Travel gifts for her

There are all kinds of travel gift ideas for her that that travel-obsessed woman in your life will love.

If she normally uses a hairdryer at home and misses it on the road, there are plenty of small and mighty travel hairdryers out there which could be the answer to her prayers.

Another great, useful travel gift is a travel jewellery box. Any woman who travels knows how difficult it is to keep your jewellery in any semblance of order or prevent it from breaking.

A travel jewellery box will keep everything safely in its place, meaning she can take her favourite jewellery away with her, worry-free.

Travel gifts for the frustrated traveller

Is the person you’re buying for someone who absolutely adores travel, but can’t indulge their passion right now? Maybe they’re saving up for a big trip, or maybe they’re going through a busy time with their studies or their work.

Either way, you’re looking for travel themed gift ideas to prove just how well you know them.

A great option is a globe that they can keep on their desk, spinning it and dreaming about their next trip.

One of those scratch maps is also a fantastic idea. They can scratch off every country they’ve visited and see just how much of the planet they’ve yet to discover.

The best travel gifts ideas for the sustainable traveller

We should all be putting sustainability first when we’re travelling if we want to preserve our planet so that the next generation can discover it too.

If you know that the traveller in your life is concerned with their carbon footprint and their consumption of single-use plastic then a great place to start is a filtered water bottle, which kills off water-borne parasites and bacteria.

That means they don’t have to plough through endless plastic water bottles and is also a great solution for staying hydrated when out hiking.

Another great sustainable travel gift idea is a bamboo set of utensils. You can get packs that come with a knife, fork, spoon and straw, meaning that they won’t have to use plastic ones. You could throw in a bamboo toothbrush too.

The best travel presents for the long-term traveller

When looking for presents to give to a traveller that’s planning to be on the road long term, the most important thing to consider is space and weight.

They’re probably only travelling with a backpack, and they’re going to want to keep it as light as physically possible. The last thing you want to do is give them a gift that they don’t really want but will feel obliged to take with them.

Think things that they might genuinely find useful, or that might save them space, or just make their trip more fun.Mini Bluetooth speakers will always be a welcome travel gift, as they can help get a beach party started, or even just make it easier to watch a movie.

But if you’re going to have gadgets, you’ll need a way to charge them. Having a portable charger is important for any kind of travel, but it’s vital for a long-term trip, making this one of the best gifts for someone going travelling if they haven’t got one already.

On a similar note, an international travel adaptor is another great gift. Good ones are pretty expensive, so a traveller might be reluctant to invest in ones themselves.

Buy them a travel gift that they’ll use every day, and they’ll think of you every day whilst they’re away. Happy shopping.