The very best travel gifts for mum this Mother's Day

Mother's Day gifts for the mum who loves travelling, from weekend getaways to handy travel items. Ideas for the very best travel gifts for mum.

Mother’s Day in the UK falls on Sunday 22nd this year, which means you’re probably starting to wrack your brains to figure out what to get your mum this year. If she’s a travel addict, then you know that you can never go wrong with travel-themed gifts. But if you’re struggling for inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed some of our favourite travel gifts for mum so that you can get it right on Mother’s Day.

From the gift of travel itself to travel-related gifts, we’ve put together the ultimate list of suggestions so that you can show your mum just how much she means to you.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Surprise trip ideas

If your mum loves to travel, then the best present for her is probably always going to be taking her away somewhere. Whether you opt for a staycation, a weekend city break or even treat her to a nice long holiday in the sun, she’ll adore the thought, and the fact that she gets to spend quality time with you.

Surprise getaway ideas could also include a trip focused around one of her passions or hobbies, from skiing to architecture to surfing.

If she’s a beach lover, then trip gift ideas might include a trip to Fuerteventura or one of the other Canary Islands, warm all year round.

If you think she’d prefer a city break, then you can’t beat places like Budapest and Prague, perfect for mothers that love culture, history or good food.

Of course, you don’t have to take your mum anywhere to indulge her love of travel. Here are a few ideas for travel gifts for mum that don’t involve going anywhere.

Travel gifts for mum: a portable projector

If your mum travels a lot but also loves spending the odd night in with a film to relax and recharge whilst she’s on her travels, then a portable projector is a fantastic idea for a gift. A pocket-sized one can turn any surface into a cinema.

Travel gift ideas: the perfect pair of shoes

Nothing quite ruins a trip like the wrong pair of shoes. A keen traveller needs the perfect pair of comfy walking shoes, walking boots or flip flops, or all three, for their trip, if they’re going to feel comfortable and stay on their feet all day long. This one might be tough to guess, so you might need to ask mum what the perfect pair of shoes would be.

Travel gifts for women: safety scarf

Did you know that you can now buy infinity scarves with secret pockets for your mum to hide her passport or valuables in? Yep, get your mum a gift that will allow her to hang up the security belt she hates for ever.

You can also get bras that have added safety pouches, so the possibilities are endless.

Mother’s Day travel gifts: anti-theft bags

Gone are the days when anti-theft bags were ugly, functional items that any self-respecting traveller wouldn’t be caught dead holding.

You can now get anti-theft bags in all shapes and sizes, from attractive backpacks to crossbody bags, perfect for the style-conscious traveller.

Travel gift ideas for mum: packing cubes

If you’re looking for practical travel gifts, then packing cubes might be just what you had in mind. They’re essential for any traveller who wants to squeeze as much as possible into their luggage.

If your mum tends to go away on long trips with just hand luggage, then these will be worth their weight in gold as they’ll save her so much space.

Gifts for frequent travellers: silk pillowcase

Forget travel pillows, if you’re looking for unique travel gifts then your mum will absolutely adore a silk pillowcase. These pillowcases fold away to practically nothing but can work wonders for sleep quality and are kind to the skin.

They’re also good for hygiene, as your mum can pop them over a plane or hotel pillow and sleep soundly.

Travel gifts for her: noise cancelling headphones

When you’re travelling, there’s nothing like a good pair of noise cancelling headphones to drown out the world. Great for getting some sleep on a plane, train, bus, or even if your mum ends up in a hotel room with noisy neighbours.

Gifts for travel lovers: the gift of an experience

Circling back to the idea of giving the gift of travel, you don’t have to give your mum a whole holiday if funds don’t allow. If she already has a holiday planned for this year, why not do your research and gift her an experience within her holiday instead. A spa session, a private tour, a tasting, a boat trip…

Think outside the box, and perhaps treat her to something she wouldn’t normally splash out on herself.

Travel gifts for mum are the perfect way of showing her just how well you know her and how much you appreciate everything she does for you. Give her something you know she’ll really love or get lots of use out of.