Menorca in an ‘Adults Only’ version, by Javier de Miguel

Menorca in an ‘Adults Only’ version, by Javier ...

Menorca in an ‘Adults Only’ version, by Javier de Miguel

Menorca is one of those islands that you fall in love with at first sight. Idyllic coves, impossibly turquoise water, and a sense of peace that reaches maximum levels if you choose, as I did, an ‘Adults Only’ establishment like Barceló Hamilton.  The hotel boasts one of the island’s best terraces. I’d venture out and say that it is in fact the best, but since I haven’t visited them all, I don’t want to be accused of being inaccurate…

Truth be told, the rooftop is reason enough to stay at this hotel. If you then back it up with exquisite service, great food, functional and convenient facilities, and a fantastic location, then the result is marvellous.

Oh, and the tranquillity. If there is one thing that defines Barceló Hamilton, it’s the peaceful setting from the moment you enter the town where it’s located to the instant you ease your body onto the comfortable mattress in the room. This is an experience to remember and also recommend, a thousand times over.