Labor Day is perfect for a vacation (in Aruba)

Discover Aruba, the island of happiness, and plan a getaway to end your August vacation in style. In addition, you can celebrate Labor Day.

While the majority of the countries in the world hold this event in May, Labor Day in the United States takes place on the first Monday of September. The best way to celebrate it is to plan a getaway to a tropical island.

Say farewell to summer on the beaches of Aruba

May 1 is not International Workers’ Day in the United States. Instead, Labor Day is held on the first Monday of September, despite the fact that most countries celebrate this event in the middle of spring. Why does this difference exist?

History of American Labor Day

The date when workers began to hit the streets to defend their rights was established in Paris in 1889 by the  Socialist Workers’ Congress of the Second International following the events that took place in Chicago—one of the hubs of internationalization in the U.S.—three years earlier. In 1886, tired of their long work days that exceeded 12 hours, workers began to strike for shorter hours. Following a demonstration that took place on May 3, police surrounded the group and someone threw a bomb that killed several agents. The situation ended with workers who were tried and then executed. The workers’ movement classified these people as the “martyrs of Chicago” and they have since been remembered every Workers’ Day on May 1.

In the United States, however, the story is different. In 1882, and coinciding with the Knights of Labor meeting, the nation’s most progressive worker union, New York’s Central Labor Union declared September 5 as day to celebrate labor. A march was held that day and in 1887 the government decided that the first Monday of September would be the nation’s Labor Day, thereby preventing the martyrs of Chicago from being honored in their own country like in the rest of the world.

In addition to the parades and demonstrations held in large cities, there are also trips, barbecues and family events because ultimately this holiday is merged with Saturday and Sunday to create a long weekend for bidding farewell to summer. In fact, Labor Day marks the start of going back to school, bringing out the autumn wardrobe and looking forward to the next vacation.

Planning a getaway to Aruba

If you are still making plans for this Labor Day, why not make your way to Aruba, one happy island?

Located 15 miles north of Venezuela and south of the Caribbean, this small and exotic island where the official language is Dutch (but all its citizens speak English and Spanish as well) forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, although for three decades it has been recognized as an autonomous country that boasts the best of each culture.

One of Aruba’s key features is its size: 20 miles long and 6 miles wide at the largest point, it covers approximately 70 square miles. These numbers can only be interpreted in one way, which is that the entire island can be explored during a single trip.

Why choose Aruba for your vacation

Thanks to its geographic location, Aruba is a special paradise without hurricanes and where the climate is dry, there is no rainy season like in nearby countries, and the average temperature is 80 °F. With these characteristics, going to the beach is perfectly possible any day of the year. Even TripAdvisor agrees that Eagle Beach is one of the best in the world because it is peaceful and has clear water and white sand. Simply Google it to see a photo and understand why it is in the Top 10 and why you should fly to Aruba as soon as possible. We also love Rodger’s Beach, Baby Beach and Boca Catalina, which is perfect for snorkeling.

Aside from the appeal of its waters, Aruba also boasts Arikok National Park, which covers a fifth of the island’s total area. Protected for the survival of certain animal species, it can (and should) be explored on foot in order to take in the unforgettable landscapes and beaches. On your way to the park and near the city of Santa Cruz, you will come across your first Instagram moment of the day: Hooiberg, a 164 meter (538 feet) high mountain shaped like a cone in the middle of the island. Be sure to go up and enjoy the views since this is the highest point in Aruba. If you don't mind waking up early, the sunrise is amazing.

In addition to Hooiberg, Aruba hides another interesting fact: this flat and sandy island also features large rock formations that continue to puzzle inhabitants as to their origin. Of significant size and in odd shapes, some of these rocks weigh several tons and can be “climbed” using the steps installed by local authorities.

Stay in the best hotel in Aruba

In order for this getaway to prepare the body and mind for autumn, it is important to set aside some time for relaxing, and good accommodations are the best solution. In Palm Beach, you can stay on the Royal Level at Barceló Aruba, a boutique five-star hotel with only 35 rooms and views of the Caribbean.

Your bags are already packed, right?