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Discover a sky teeming with stars in the middle of the ocean. Fly over the summit of Mount Teide. Dive among coral reefs. Adults-only experiences at the best new hotel in Europe, 2018.
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Corales Beach Expe

I still remember how I felt when I tried the first dish. Now I know what the ocean tastes like.

Cristel Thomas

We tried unimaginable flavours. Every bite was like being in Lima or Tokyo at the same time.

Carmen Palomar

The sense of freedom we felt while scuba diving in the middle of the ocean is difficult to explain. It simply has to be experienced.

Cristina Méndez

Being surrounded by water in complete silence while gazing at the stars with a telescope was absolutely unique.

Lisa Toomey

My heart skipped a beat as we flew over the crater of Mount Teide. Just thinking about it sets my pulse racing.

Alfred Schmidt

Other experiences

Best relaxing holiday destinations: Tenerife Spa

Spiritual Ayurvedic treatment

Connect with your inner self by finding balance between the body and mind thanks to the energy of traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Volcano Teide with stargazing

Sunset and stars at the Teide

Experience the moment when the sun sinks below a sea of clouds on the summit of Mount Teide, at an altitude of over 3,550 metres.

VIP musical Experience: opera Tenerife

A night in the opera

Feel your hair stand on end at each note, and thrill to the excitement filling every corner of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Auditorium.

Tenerife attractions: Blue Marlin fishing off the Canary Islands

Looking for the blue marlin

Step into the shoes of a Tenerife fisherman, and feel how the sea breeze tugs the fishing line in harmony with the rhythm of the waves.

Things to do in Lanzarote: jet trip from Tenerife

Private jet to Lanzarote

A sky tour by private jet to Lanzarote, where you can discover the secrets of the most magical places on the island.

Dolphin and whale watching Tenerife

Sailing with dolphins

Enjoy first-hand the company of whales and dolphins swimming freely in the waters of the Atlantic.

Best Canary wine: vineyard tour and wine tasting, Tenerife

Wine and stars route

A chance to savour the taste and bouquet of Tenerife’s finest wines at a traditional winery, 1,200 metres above sea level.

Tenerife shopping: exclusive tour with a personal shopper

Shopping route

Feel like a professional model for a day, as you shop in the most exclusive stores in Tenerife, accompanied by a personal shopper.


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