Back to school: plans with children on Fuerteventura after holiday season

September is synonymous with the return to school and to work. Back to school is a good time to plan your next holiday with children: Why not travel to the Canary Islands?


September is synonymous with the return to school and to work. In the ninth month of the year, the autumn also arrives, and it is one of the most difficult times to get back into the daily routine again, both for children and for adults. Why not plan a trip to the Canary Islands, the winter sun destination par excellence in Spain?



Isla Lobos: the Island of Fuerteventura features some of the most exceptional landscapes in the Canary Islands. One of them is the landscape of Isla Lobos, a natural site that will delight children due to its explosion of natural beauty and its volcanic nature. It is the ideal place to show the children the other side of the islands. To reach this island, you can take a ferry from Corralejos. Remember to take water or liquids to keep hydrated, and also sun screen and comfortable clothes. The bravest travellers can learn the basics of water activities such as snorkelling in order to view the unspoiled seabed.

Dip in the pool: For those who prefer the swimming pool to the ocean, hotels like the Occidental Jandía Mar have special children’s pools with fun-filled activities for the youngest members of the family to enjoy the Canary climate. You know kids, give them a float and some friends to play with and they’ll be happy. And if they’re happy you’ll enjoy your holiday on Fuerteventura even more. A great way to end the summer and avoid the back to school rush!

Learn to windsurf: if you are always looking for opportunities for your kids to try out new kinds of sports, Fuerteventura is the ideal destination to get them started with windsurfing. It is one of the most enjoyable water sports, and it will allow them to celebrate back-to-school like never before.

Beaches for children: there are many spectacular beaches on Fuerteventura that are suitable for children. Although if you wish to avoid being bothered by the wind, we recommend that you take a special tent for beaches so that the children will not experience discomfort from sand on their skin. Among the best beaches for children on Fuerteventura are: Jandía beach, Sotavento beach, and also Morro Jable and Costa Calma beaches. All of them have been awarded the blue flag and are ideal for sharing with your kids and celebrating back-to-school in a different way.

Swimming pool activities: if you are someone who prefers the swimming pool to the ocean, hotels like Barceló Castillo Beach feature swimming pools especially for children with activities and group leaders so that the kids can enjoy the Canary Island climate. This way you can enjoy your holiday while your children enjoy the company of other children on Fuerteventura.