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Ciudad de Cáceres

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Cáceres V Centenario

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Cáceres V Centenario

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 > Hotel Barceló Cáceres V Centenario

Map and directions

The Barceló Cáceres V Centenario**** hotel is the perfect location for visiting the city of Cáceres and the surrounding areas as it provides easy access to the different connecting routes: from Seville A66, Madrid A55, Salamanca A66.

In addition, its location makes it the best place to enjoy the myriad of tourism possibilities and leisure activities on offer in the province of Cáceres.

The Barceló Cáceres V Centenario hotel is also perfect for business travellers and conferences thanks to its outdoor car park and proximity to the Congress Palace, the San Francisco Cultural Complex and the city centre.

And if you are arriving by train or bus, the hotel is close to the stations too.

Barceló Cáceres V Centenario

Adresa: C/ Manuel Pacheco, 4. Urbanización Castellanos | 10005 Cáceres
Tel. číslo: +34 92 723 22 00
Fax: +34 92 7232202
Email: caceresvcentenario@barcelo.com

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How to get there

By car:
The main roads that pass through Cáceres are the A-66 motorway, also known as the ”Ruta de la Plata”, which connects Salamanca and Seville with Cáceres in a couple of hours, and the A-5 Extremadura highway from Madrid.

Coordinates: 39º 15´ 25” N 6º 25´32” W

By plane
The nearest airport to the city is the Talavera La Real Airport (Badajoz) 110km away.

- From Talavera airport, drive on the N-V in the direction of Badajoz until joining the A-5 (8 km) and travel in the direction of Mérida-Madrid to exit 338.

- Join the E-803/A-66 in the direction of Cáceres-Salamanca through Ronda Norte

- Take exit 551 to the N-521 towards Cáceres.

If you like walking, the distance will not seem far at all; it is a 20 minute walk from the hotel to the city centre along Avenida Ruta de la Plata.

We can also provide a taxi service or you can use the bus stops located next to the hotel which will drop you off in the city centre.

If you want to travel in your own vehicle, you may have trouble finding parking in the centre, so we recommend using public car parks which, apart from being reasonably priced, will take care of your car while you enjoy your visit to the city.