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Today, October 19


Regardless of whether your trip will be a weekend getaway or stretch out over several days, you probably have questions about what to see and the prices of tourist attractions.


The essentials Madrid´s secrets

Make the most of your trip

What to see in Madrid in 1 day

You may only have one day to see Madrid, but that is enough to see the essential sights, taste the best dishes and attend a flamenco show.

What to see in Madrid in 2 days

Have you got two days in which to see Madrid and don’t know where to start? We’ve prepared an itinerary that combines cultural and leisure options.

What to see in Madrid in 3 days

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city which you can explore in a 3-day visit. Get ready to experience great museums, streets pulsing with life, and temples of gastronomy.

Neighbourhood and districts

Madrid has a total of 7 neighbourhoods