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 > Hotel Barceló Margaritas

Barceló Margaritas experiences

Playa del Inglés offers a wide range of activities. Water sports lovers can enjoy diving, windsurfing, jet skis and snorkelling on local beaches. In addition, there are many other different types of activities to enjoy on Gran Canaria, such as those on offer at the Canaire Flight School.

Fly over Gran Canaria

During your stay on Gran Canaria enjoy breathtaking views of the island, which is known as the miniature continent. On board an ultralight aircraft, during the flight you can get a bird's eye view of ravines, pine forests and sand dunes.

The Canaire Flight School is located less than 10 minutes by car from the Barceló Margaritas hotel. The school's experienced instructor will accompany you on an unforgettable flight.

Programmed flights

- Orange Route: Flying club, Águila Canyon, Fataga viewpoint, the Maspalomas Dunes. Duration: 20 minutes.

- Green Route: Flying club, Águila Canyon, Fataga Ravine, Chira Dams, Soria and Las Niñas, Amadores, Pasito Blanco, the Maspalomas Dunes. Duration: 45 minutes.

- Tour of the Island: Duration: One hour, 20 minutes.

Pilot for a day

Enjoy a theory instruction session in the school's classrooms followed by a practical class where you will pilot an ultralight aircraft together with an instructor.

Duration: 45 minutes theory, 45 minutes practical.

Flight introduction courses

If you are a flying enthusiast, you can combine your holiday with an introduction course. During classes that will be programmed to fit in with your holiday on Gran Canaria, you will learn the basics of the art of flying from an instructor.

For more information, please visit the specialised website of the Canaire flight school or call 617040605.