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Map of Spain

Map of Malaga

Spain information of interest

Currency: Euro

Official time: UTC + 2 in summer. UTC + 1 in winter

Official language: Spanish

Electricity: 220 V

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Destination information


Thanks to its diversity and culture,Spain is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. A country boasting good living, its people enjoy outdoor life with family and friends.

Spain is diverse, with each region having its own traditions and cuisine. A land of wines and joy, of flamenco, dance and tradition. Spain always surprises those who visit it.

On top of its amazing and varied culture, and along with the warmth of its people, you will discover a country of contrasts, of alluring cities and incredible natural scenery. Travel to the centre of this bountiful peninsula to discover Castilian Spain. Unearth Northern Spain's magical locations that include amazing grasslands and green forests, nourished by the Atlantic sea.

Or its fresh and green Mediterranean coast and islands, where the sea breeze will enchant you. Without forgetting to mention the richness of Andalusia, famous inspiration for artists and writers such as Hemingway.

This is Spain, a country that enchants everyone who visits.

Description of the area

Málaga, home of famous painter Pablo Picasso, is an excellent tourist destination thanks to its infrastructure, good weather and its coastline.

This province, located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, is known as La Costa Del Sol (the sun coast). The city's many museums and shops make this place stand out, especially in the Calle Larios (Larios Street), which is the liveliest and and busiest in the old quarter of Malaga.

You will have everything you could wish for on your holiday, first class facilities, sun, art, great cuisine and the very best shops. An irresistible destination.

Malaga's Gastronomy

Internationally known for its fish and seafood. The two traditional ways to prepare them are on skewers, for example, the famous sardine skewers, and fried, with the peculiarity of the traditional Malaga frying style.

The Malaga salad and the Antequerana Fritter and the varied Gazpachuelo (chick peas) complement a range of products.

The tapas, which are enjoyed outdoors, are an attraction in the city.


La Alcazaba
The fortress palace of the former Muslim rulers of the city

Roman theatre
Located at the foot of La Alcazaba. Built during Augustus' reign this edifice was used until the 3ʳᵈ century It was discovered when the garden was built

Picasso Museum – Buenavista Palace
This Renaissance palace of the 16th century (the most important example of noble architecture from the time) houses over 200 paintings works, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and engravings by Pablo Picasso donated by Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso

Carmen Thyssen Museum
The Carmen Thyssen Málaga Musseum is located in the Palacio Villalón, a palace building of the 16th CENTURY, and its recovery has helped to emphasise an essential part of Malaga renaissance architecture, set upon the Roman urban base and embedded in the Muslim setting of the city. The Collection consists of about 200 works, highlighted mainly by Spanish paintings of the 19th century, with special attention to Andalusian painting.

Automotive Museum
Located in the Old Building of the Tabacalera, emblematic architectural complex of Malaga city, dating back to 1927, the Automotive Museum of Malaga is more than a museum. It is an area of entertainment, fun, and art, and in its 6,000 square metres hosts one of the most important collections of old cars in southern Europe.

Botanical-historical garden 'Concepción'

One of the jewels of Malaga. "La Finca de La Concepción" is Spain's most beautiful and important tropical garden and one of the best in Europe. Created in 1850 by the Marquis of the house Of Loring and awarded the status of Historical-Artistic Garden in 1943

El Verdial
Rural culture of Malaga. Featuring singing, instruments and dancing of a kind that predates Flamenco music. It stands out for the numerous chord and percussion accompaniments which denote Arabic influence

Other visits
Doll House Museum and Art Museum


The Historic Centre of Malaga is an ideal place for shopping in a relaxed way, since it has numerous municipal parking areas, as well as other areas where parking is permitted. In Addition, many of the streets are pedestrianised, therefore, you can have the most pleasant stroll as you go stopping at any of the 1,000 shops available. Taking Larios Street as your guiding thread, along the bank of river Guadalmedina and the streets of Carretería, Álamos or Alcazabilla.

NOTE: All the images of the city of Malaga appearing in this website have been provided by Malaga City Hall Tourism Sector.