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Terraza del restaurante del hotel Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento

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Sevilla Renacimiento

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ISO Environmental Certification

Aware of the environmental responsibility stemming from its activities, the Barceló Renacimiento hotel is committed to carrying out a series of environmental protection actions. These actions are:

1. To consider environmental protection as an essential management responsibility and to foster its implementation through specific goals and regulations in all areas of our activity. Environmental protection requires a responsible commitment from all of us.

2. To strive towards the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution through our environmental objectives and goals, and to carry out internal and external audits to guarantee the maintenance and continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System, thus contributing to the conservation of, and respect for, the environment.

3. To foster environmental training, awareness, participation and communication to all hotel employees, suppliers and subcontractors to achieve a greater environmental commitment, thus promoting active integration and team work.

4. To comply with environmental laws. The company is committed to its compliance with the current applicable environmental laws associated with its activity and geographical location, as well as with the applicable requirements of the organisation with respect to environmental matters.

5. To implement preventive, control and corrective measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact deriving from our activity.

  · To seek more effective and rational use of the natural resources and raw materials necessary for the proper functioning of our service, with special attention to energy saving and water consumption.

  · To reduce the generation of waste, emissions, noise and excessive water usage; fostering recycling through the introduction of good environmental practices in the different departments.