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Barceló Hotels Resorts has a firm commitment to quality, hygiene and to the environment, very important reasons that give you the security of knowing you will find a clean and healthy environment in each hotel, with staff devoted to verifying quality and food safety every day, as well as ensuring the care and preservation of the environment. The Occidental Cuernavaca hotel participates in different programmes to promote local development and the preservation of natural resources, as well as certificates for its facilities, cuisine, rooms, swimming pools, safety zones, quality and continuous staff training. We invite you to know more about them.

Certificado CheckSafetyFirst del hotel Barceló Cuernavaca

Cristal Distinction

The Occidental Cuernavaca**** hotel is affiliated with the Cristal Plan programme, which certifies hotels and restaurants that have attained the highest hygiene standards. This has been created by the English CheckSafetyFirst programme. The establishments affiliated with the programme are audited monthly to verify that hygiene and food safety policies are being met. It is based on protocols and controls of over 250 points in accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

The programme is designed as a tool for health and hygiene management, to help the tourist, recreational, catering and hotel industries to have adequate control over inherent risks associated with the water used in recreational facilities, and to have safe and healthy foods provided to guests, visitors and staff alike.

The Occdental Cuernavaca hotel was awarded the Regional Award 2015 in the Cristal Plan programme.

Occdental Cuernavaca hotel also holds the following modules:

The system ensures that everything possible has been done to guarantee that the food served in the hotel’s restaurants is of the highest quality in terms of food hygiene.


The RoomCheck Standard uses a full auditing protocol combined with the most advanced technology to determine the cleanliness of the hotel’s rooms.

The Cristal Plan General Safety module in the e-cristal awards applies a risk evaluation process to ensure that aspects such as balconies, windows, the conditions of the rooms and the hotel facilities could not be the cause of injury or death, where this could be reasonably avoided.

The hotel carries out regular audits to ensure that the main areas of risk are controlled and all the management systems and procedures are operating effectively.