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Tiran Sharm

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Tiran Sharm

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Scuba Diving Center

Being able to swim is no longer a target, but has become a way to learn other water sports challenging windsurfing, kiting, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Barceló Tiran Diving Center is one of the few diving centers in Sharm give you the opportunity to dive exciting and exclusive dive sites by Zodiak in small group, Dive and snorkeling in famous Canyon and Blue Hole just exceed fantasy! Chance to enjoy full day in Yacht with 2 dives to reach Ras Mohamed and Tiran Reefs. The beautiful underwater seascapes of the fascinated island of Tiran are truly unique and beyond comparison.

The waters surrounding the island are suitable for all levels of diving, from dives for beginners, to fascinating dives for advanced divers who think they've seen everything there is underwater!

Diving and snorkelling program

· Gulf Gate outside
The reefs outside our bay with different pinnacles and chance to watch stingray, turtles and more.

· Agja Varvara Wreck
73Mt long ship sunk on June 27, 1976, the dive start 8Mt deep till 18Mt.

· Million Hope Wreck
174Mt long commercial ship sunk on June20, 1996. The dive starts from surface (some parts of wreck are still up on surface) to max deep of 24Mt.

· Sharks watching on Tiran reef
Moving on right time to reach the reefs with no more boats around give us the chance to watch hammer sharks.

· Underwater Cage
In Nabq National Park and underwater cage to monitor corals growing up.

· Full day Boat
For snorkeling and diving to reach Tiran reefs 2/3 dives, lunch and soft drinks on board.

· Full day Dahab
For snorkeling and diving to visit Underwater Canyon and Blue Hole. 2 dives and lunch in sea view restaurant in front of Blue Hole with water and 1 soft drink.

· Ras Mohamed
Overnight in Bedouin Camp (2 pax tent) with night dive and sunrise dive. Water and soft drinks. Dive light is including.

· Thistlegorm Wrek
The most famous Egyptian wreck max deep 30Mt. with two dives (1 outside and 1 inside). AOWD license required. Third dive available in Shark & Jolanda reef. Lunch and soft drinks on board.