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You are accepting these terms and conditions of the gift card you are going to acquire. In case the purpose of this gift card’s acquisition is for use by a third party, it is hereby understood that such party accepts these conditions upon first use of the gift card.

1. Who is who in these terms and conditions?

On the one hand, you. From now on, we may also refer to you as the Titleholder of the gift card. If you buy the gift card for use by another person that is not you, it is hereby understood that such person is the Titleholder of the gift card and that, from the first time he/she uses it, inclusive, these conditions apply as if he/she were you.

On the other hand, us, the Barceló Hotel Group. We issue the gift card and are the party selling this product. Legally, in this capacity, we are the company Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L.with Tax No. B-07918287. Our registered address is located at José Rover Motta, No 27, Palma de Mallorca.

2. What are these terms and conditions?

These terms and conditions are the contractual document between you and us. They include all of our rights and obligations, both us and you, stemming from the gift card.

3. What is the gift card?

The gift card that you are acquiring is an instrument allowing its Titleholder to hold a balance that can be used to acquire certain services in a variety of our establishments, as we explain in these terms and conditions. The balance initially activated on the card is the same spent to purchase the gift card.

Despite its name, the gift card is not a physical card, rather an electronic one. By purchasing the gift card, the card’s Titleholder will be sent a code to his/her email address. This will be the product (i.e. the gift card).

4. Who can use the gift card?

The gift card can only be used by the Titleholder, whether that is you or the person you designate at the time of purchase.

Thus, the gift card is personal and non-transferrable. It cannot be sold, exchanged or re-gifted by its Titleholder under any circumstances. We can reject any use of the gift card when not carried out by its Titleholder.

5. How do you use the gift card?

The gift card is used through the balance it contains. To use that balance, you must communicate that you wish to use it at the time of payment at the hotel reception, when paying for the services for which its use is authorised. You must, in all cases, inform us of the product code and prove your identity as Titleholder through an officially issued document.

You can use your card’s balance in one or multiple purchases, completely or partially. You can also use the balance to partially pay for certain services. In this case, the amount remaining must be paid by any means of payment accepted by the hotel, in order for the card’s use to be effectively carried out.

Any amount for which the card is used, when employed in conjunction with another means of payment, will be subtracted from the original balance.

6. Where can you use the balance of your gift card?

You can use your gift card at the reception of any hotel in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East operating under a Barceló Hotel Group brand, which currently includes Barceló, Royal Hideaway, Occidental and Allegro.

You can also use it by calling the following numbers:

Spain: +34 971 92 80 21 | +34 902 10 10 01 and for the United Kingdom +44 08 000 211 256 to make a booking at any of those hotels.

7. What can you use the balance of your gift card for?

The gift card can be used to pay for accommodation services at the hotel, along with any complementary services directly related to the stay.

8. When does the gift card expire?

The gift card and these terms and conditions have an effective term of 12 months from the time the gift card is issued to the Titleholder’s email. After this period, the gift card cannot be used and any remaining balance would automatically be transferred in our favour.

9. Other characteristics of the gift card

9.1 Where can you check the balance of your card and whether it has expired? You can access this information on our website or by calling our call centre.

9.2 What currencies can you use to purchase the gift card? You can acquire your gift card in euros, American dollars or pounds. The balance on the gift card will be listed in the same currency you used to make the purchase.

9.3 In what currencies can I make purchases with the gift card? You can only use the gift card for amounts listed in the same currency as the one used to purchase the card. That said, upon your request, Barceló Hotel Group hotels will convert any amount the gift card could be used for into the currency listed therein and duly inform you of the exchange rate, thus making its use possible.

9.4 Can the gift card be topped up? Yes. The gift card can only be topped up by its Titleholder. Any additional balance must be added in the same currency with which the gift card was purchased, which will automatically entail an increase in balance of the exact amount topped up.

9.5 Do the gift cards have a maximum or minimum balance? Yes. The gift card’s balance may not in any case go below €0 nor exceed €2,000 (or the equivalent of those amounts in the currency used to purchase the gift card, if different).

9.6 Could problems occur making it impossible to use the gift card? Yes, due to errors, technical problems or maintenance work, there may be problems making it impossible to use the gift card. In those cases, we will try to inform you of any upcoming issues, when possible. Nonetheless, we will not be responsible if no prior warning is made and it is impossible to use the gift card, when these problems are not due to causes directly and exclusively attributable to our intent.

9.7 What happens if the card is lost or stolen? You are the only one responsible for the safekeeping and use of the gift card. Nonetheless, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible if the card is lost or stolen.

9.8 Can the value of the card be redeemed in cash or can a refund be requested? No. The balance of the gift card can solely and exclusively be used to acquire services under these terms and conditions. Thus, the balance cannot be redeemed in cash nor through a refund of any kind.

10. How can these terms and conditions be received or reviewed?

These conditions will be sent both to you and the gift card’s Titleholder, in the case they are different, to the email address you stated to us, through a non-editable file that will allow you to permanently store them.

11. Could these conditions change during the effective term of the gift card?

We can only modify these conditions for justified reasons. In this case, we would re-send you the new conditions through the same means we sent the original ones.

12. How are personal data used?

The personal data you provide or provided us to make the purchase will be processed by us, in our capacity as data controllers.

Specifically, we will process your personal data for the following processing purposes: (i) to manage and formalise the contracting requested through the website; and (ii) to comply with obligations of an accounting, legal, tax and administrative nature (by applying pre-contractual measures).

We may communicate personal data to: (i) other hotel companies in our network and, in particular, the hotel selected for the use of the gift card (this communication may involve an international transfer of data); (ii) Competent Public Bodies, Judges and Courts; (iii) third-party service providers that have access to the customers’ personal data and that process such data in our name and on our behalf as a result of providing services.

Any personal data to which we have access will be used for the necessary amount of time to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. Following this time, we shall store your personal data in a duly blocked manner, even when they are no longer pertinent for the purpose for which they were collected, in order to make them available to any competent Public Administration services, Judges and Courts, or the Prosecution Service during the statutory time limit for personal actions that may have arisen from the relationship held with the guest and/or legally established storage periods. Once said time frames have passed, we shall proceed with the physical deletion of your data.

In any case, if you wish, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification and deletion of data, limitation of processing, opposition to the processing, and portability of your data by sending a written communication to the our Data Protection Officer at c/ José Rover Motta, 27, 07006, Palma de Mallorca, or by sending an email to, in both cases attaching a copy of your national or tax ID or other official identity document.

If you would like further information, please refer to the Barceló Group Privacy Policy.

13. Can you withdraw the purchase of the gift card?

Yes. For 14 calendar days after the purchase or from when we sent the gift card to its Titleholder (if done later), you can withdraw the purchase without any justification needed and we will reimburse the balance existing on the gift card at that time, through the same method of payment you used to pay for it. To this, you must only inform us, within that term, of your unequivocal wish to withdraw the purchase of the gift card. You can do so through the channels that we list to contact us in these conditions and state the code of your gift card.

14. How can you contact us?

You can contact us at

You can also use it by calling the following numbers:

Spain: +34 971 92 80 21 | +34 902 10 10 01 and for the United Kingdom +44 08 000 211 256 to make a booking at any of those hotels.

15. What is the applicable law?

We hereby agree that the law applicable to these terms and conditions and to the use of the gift card will be Spanish common law.

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