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Ideal hotel for couples Free transfer to Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas Dunes 2 outdoor swimming pools surrounded by gardens
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A destination offering nature, sports and wellness, the capital island of Las Palmas province is one of Spain’s best-loved holiday locations. The all inclusive hotels and resorts in Gran Canaria benefit from a proven track record in the tourist industry, as well as from an excellent reputation renewed year upon year through major awards and international recognition.

Travelling to this astounding island in the Atlantic grants you an exceptional opportunity to discover a very special side of the archipelago. Gran Canaria combines relaxation-focused and beach-holiday tourism with a far more active dimension, including a large leisure offering and outdoor sports options. Meanwhile, there can be no overlooking the island’s historic and cultural heritage which transpires in many sites including the Vegueta quarter, Arucas Cathedral and Casa de Colón (Columbus’s House). These are places which will add to a perfectly complete travel itinerary.

All-inclusive holidays in Gran Canaria, Biosphere Reserve

The island’s credentials in terms of its natural beauty are not restricted to the brochures. You need only visit areas such as the Maspalomas dunes or the Tamadaba Pine Forest to realise why the island is listed as a Biosphere Reserve. The all inclusive hotels and resorts in Gran Canaria have adapted to the conditions of these finely-tuned natural surroundings so as to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors while maintaining the balance of this heaven on earth.

The Occidental Margaritas hotel is a fine example of tourism development which is committed to the preservation of the environment. Located in one of the island’s most popular destinations (Playa del Inglés), this hotel offers fully-equipped and modern rooms in an eco-friendly environment, along with activities for the whole family. The luscious gardens surrounding the premises are the perfect place to exercise, savour a drink or enjoy a lovely sun- and pool-filled day. Other additional services (beauty salon, fitness studio, high-performance training box, etc.) will ensure that guests feel pampered and in good shape during their all inclusive stay in Gran Canaria.

Life on a little continent

While it’s true that the temperature is around 24 degrees all year, changes in landscape and temperature are very noticeable in such a small-scale area. An all inclusive holiday in Gran Canaria allows the traveller to discover a whole new island experience.

Having come into being as a whole continent in miniature, Gran Canaria offers the perfect setting to practise outdoor sports. From beaches such as Pozo Izquierdo, with winds perfectly suited to surfing enthusiasts, to the steep trails leading up to Roque Nublo and the secluded coves of Güi Güi with their fascinating underwater beauty – reasons abound to choose this island as a holiday destination.

The Maspalomas and El Salobre golf courses, theme parks, and vibrant local parties organised throughout the year complete this captivating all inclusive experience in this land of beautiful contrasts.