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Every day, in the evening, the sun disappears below the waters of the San Antonio Abad bay. This is a magical moment which now is part of everyday life on an island so accustomed to beauty that these experiences can seem routine. But guests at the all-inclusive hotels of Ibiza are aware that this is an uncommon delight. It is a luxury which is exclusive to this privileged island in Mediterranean waters.

A small island with so many options

There are many ways to enjoy the island of Ibiza. While it remains true that this attractive Spanish destination is well-known by lovers of nightlife, there is definitely a whole host of ways to enjoy the island to the fullest without staying up all night. With good reason, guests staying at the all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Ibiza tend to look for other kinds of more original and varied alternatives, other than what made this little Balearic jewel rise to international fame.

Beyond the good vibes of the party nights, this part of Pitiusas has a lot to offer, and an all-inclusive holiday in Ibiza is the perfect package to discover it with. Hotels like the Occidental Ibiza have striven to ensure that their guests break away from routine, creating a unique holiday experience. Bright, spacious rooms just a stone’s throw from the beautiful beach of Port des Torrent beach allow guests to unwind in luxury and comfort at the end of each day. Just what guests need after filling their free time with entertainment programmes designed for the whole family, sports sessions in the activities area, or spending time by the three magnificent swimming pools serving drinks and snacks.

An all-inclusive holiday in Ibiza: the Mediterranean dream

The millennia-old Posidonia seagrass meadows are heaven on earth for all diving enthusiasts. From where it grows, between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, this intriguing sea flora fills the Balearic seabed with oxygen, creating a unique underwater environment. So much so that this underwater treasure is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is usual for all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Ibiza to be visited by guests interested in this natural underwater treasure, which is why diving days tend to be the star feature of their leisure and sports programmes.

But the Mediterranean dream can make its appearance in many ways other than through its dreamlike coves and crystal clear waters which are perfectly suited to diving. And the memory that guests are bound to relish the most is one of high-calibre cuisine with vivid tones, including sofrit pagès (with lamb or chicken) or sobrasada ibicenca, as well as seafood dishes such as borrida de ratjada (skate stew).

“Biodiversity” and “culture” are two key words that define this isle which was home to the Phoenicians, the Romans, and the Muslims... It has also been home to thousands of visitors who are there to enjoy an all-inclusive holiday in style.