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The Caribbean offers a wide variety of experiences for holidaymakers, depending on the chosen destination. While the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico is home to some unique wonders of the world, the island of Cozumel offers beautiful unspoilt nature and can be visited while staying at Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cozumel. As well as being a Mecca for divers, Cozumel is also an archaeological site of great value, while its paradisic beaches are dotted with quaint Caribbean fishing villages. This is a travel destination for diving and relaxing to the backdrop of the Riviera Maya.

Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cozumel, where the ocean rules

Cozumel Island is famous for its 36 diving sites, considered as being among the best in the world. From beginners to experienced divers, anyone can find their ideal dive site with the help of the experienced guides. The Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cozumel offer guests the easiest access to areas such as Palancar, where they can dive through coral tunnels surrounded by shoals of fish.


Here, bathers can encounter a kaleidoscope of marine life, including dolphins, star fish and turtles. Those who prefer snorkelling can visit the Palancar Gardens reef. Everything is made easy for guests at the Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cozumel, where they won't have to miss anything that the island has to offer.

Treasures of the past on dry land

Not all the attractions in Cozumel are under the sea. The fine sand beaches lined with palm trees entice you to relax on your sun lounger at the Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cozumel. The monuments found inland are also a must-see: Mayan ruins, temples and remote little towns, all surrounded by nature. There you can discover the most authentic Mexican flavours and age-old traditions.


All that's left to make your trip truly unforgettable is the excellent service at Barceló Hotel Group's hotels in Cozumel.