5 Places to Make a Wish!

Most assuredly, you have a whole list of New Year’s resolutions. Discover 5 places to go in 2017 and make a wish! It should be enough to be lucky in love, get more money, find a new job, or go back to a certain place...

Most assuredly, you have a whole list of New Year’s resolutions, but there is probably one in particular that you would like to see accomplished in 2017.

Choose wisely and make your wish in a special destination. Simply touching a statue, passing under a bridge or overcoming some physical challenges (don’t worry, not tough ones) should be enough to be lucky in love, get more money, find a new job, or go back to a certain place...


We are not responsible for the effectiveness of our “recipes”, but at least, on the way you’ll take a trip and have a good time:

City: Verona

Where: Juliet’s house

Wish fulfilled:

We probably don’t need to give you a lot of background here; Verona is the –or one of the– cities of love. That’s because here’s where the most romantic and passionate story of all time took place (at least in paper): that of Romeo and Juliet; and also because we like to think of it that way.

The supposed house of Juliet Capulet is located in Via Cappello. And, of course, it is a mecca for pilgrimage of tourists, as well as for those curious and in love. There is not just one but several rituals to achieve certain purposes: to return to Verona you have to touch the statue of Juliet, and to be lucky in love caress her chest. “For any other requests, go to the patio and leave your concerns” in the form of an inscription on the wall or of an improvised post-it. All languages are accepted. 

City: Girona

Where: Statue of the Lioness on Calderers Street

Wish fulfilled: return to the city.

The object of desire (and never better said) is the stone statue of a lioness, at the foot of the Church of Sant Feliu; the challenge: kissing the animal’s bottom, something that involves a little effort; you have to climb the column on which it stands. But the reward is worth it (and in this case it goes with a Spanish rhyme, which translates into: “He who does not kiss the lioness bottom will not return to Girona.”)

A secret: while you might notice its bottom is worn-out, this is not the original statue, which is in the Museum of Art of Girona.

A tip: to make it easier for everyone to kiss the lioness (or the monkey, as the locals used to call it), the town hall has built some stairs. This makes it easier and (most importantly) safer. 

City: Florence


Wish fulfilled: to return to the city and other subjects.

The deal here is, again, to caress. But this time, animals; and specifically a small bronze boar, the replica of the replica of a Greek work (which can be seen in the Gallery Degli Uffizi) located in the Plaza de la República. If you rub its snout, you ensure yourself coming back to the city, but if you want to ask for a random wish, you’ll have to take out your wallet, not because you have to pay for it, but for protocol reasons: first, pass a coin over the boar’s snout and then drop it down the sewer. 

City: Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Where: Fat Gertrudis

Wish fulfilled: several

If you are in love, a visit to Cartagena de Indias is a must: strolling through the streets with pastel colored houses, visiting the museums or relaxing in romantic hotels like the Hotel Occidental Cartagena is a guarantee of success in a romantic getaway.

For an extra help keeping the flame of passion alive, you must walk around the Plaza de Santo Domingo and touch one of the breasts of Fat Gertrudis’ statue by Fernando Botero. Those more practical can feel up her strong buttocks in search of luck and also to secure a return ticket to the city (which is never a bad option). 

City: Prague

Where: Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

Wish fulfilled: open barThis is one of the most famous, most photogenic and most beautiful bridges in the world and also the one that connects the Old Town with the Small Town of Prague above the Vltava River from the 14th century, replacing the former, that of Judith’s, which was destroyed by a flood. It consists of a total of 516 meters of cobblestone, 16 arches, 3 towers and 30 statues, including that of John of Nicodemus, which you will recognize by its five-star crown.

At his feet, there is a relief where people usually make a wish, but it is not exactly there, but on a five-pointed cross on the ground where you have to overlap your fingers; close your eyes and start dreaming (at Barceló Old Town Praha or Occidental Praha Wilson)!