7 cultural experiences in Fuerteventura

Go beyond the obvious and explore the top cultural experiences and destinations in Fuerteventura.

As the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, Fuerteventura offers several fascinating sights and cultural attractions to explore. Sitting in the Atlantic Ocean just 100 kilometres off the north coast of Africa, this gorgeous island is renowned for its delicious beaches, its volcanic landscapes and its warm climates all-year round.

Check out our pick of the 7 best cultural experiences in Fuerteventura to discover the best places to be to absorb the island’s culture, whether it’s trying the best of the local produce, venturing out to the volcanic landscapes and caves, or perusing the finest local arts on the island.

Eat the finest local cuisine

Savour the local food scene and explore the most delicious restaurants on the island. Fancy a meal with a picturesque view? The Cantante Café is a seafront location that enjoys one of the best views in Corralejo, looking straight across La Bocaina to the neighbouring islands of Lobos and Lanzarote. Its innovative menu offers an extensive range of food, mixing locally-sourced produce, in-house speciality and continental dishes. Come evening, expect the cocktails to be flowing and an array of live music to keep you entertained.

Restaurant Marabú is another foodie’s heaven located in the south of the island on a sunlit terrace bordered by palm trees and beautiful flowers. Delivering the best of local produce, the chefs use homegrown products to create Mediterranean-fusion cuisine. An extensive selection of Spanish wines and champagnes are also on offer if you want to enjoy the perfect wine and dine experience.

Corralejo Natural Park

Situated in the north of Fuerteventura in the resort town of Corralejo sits Corralejo Natural Park, a large preserved park area featuring expansive stretches of sand dunes and pristine beaches.

With 3,000 hectares of golden sands and crystal blue waters, visiting this unique landscape will make you feel like you’re the only person on the island. It’s the ideal location to admire the picturesque scenery, soak up the Canarian sunshine, and disconnect and unwind.

For the perfect family day out, pack a picnic and a bottle of the finest local wine, and let the kids roam around and explore the beautiful hills and sandbanks.

Encompassing the finest sand dunes in the Canary Islands certainly makes Corralejo Natural Park the ideal place to go and enjoy the desert beauty of Fuerteventura.

 Salt Museum and Salinas del Carmen

South of Caleta de Fuste, you will come across a fascinating cultural complex encompassing the Salt Museum and Salinas del Carmen, displaying every step of the process of making salt out of the ocean’s waves. There are two complimentary tours on offer; one inside the museum where you can explore the long history of salt and its multifunctional uses. The second tour allows you to explore the outdoor salt mines and discover how the pool fills with water when the tide rises, and how the salt accumulates at the bottom before evaporating and being collected.

This is a rare chance to explore the only salt pans in Fuerteventura that are still open to this day for visitation. 

Ajuy Caves

Delve into Ajuy Caves to experience one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island, located on the west coast of Fuerteventura in the small village of Ajuy.

Stroll across the sandy floors and explore the oldest rocks of the Canary Islands, from the first chamber right the way through to the back of the cave.

Admire the black sandy beaches and volcanic landscapes, then head to the nearby seafront restaurants, most of which specialise in fish.

 Sculpture Park

This fascinating sculpture park is situated in the capital city, Puerto del Rosario, and features over a hundred works of art created by a range of different local artists. Rather than placing the sculptures in an exhibition space, they are skilfully dotted around the pathway of the town. Take an artistic stroll and expect plenty of arty surprises along the way, whether it’s on the pavements, beneath the treetops, by the roundabouts or near the harbours.

Enjoy both the natural beauty and man-made artwork in between sunny strolls and stopping for refreshingly cool drinks.

The Atalayita Archeological Interpretation Centre

The Atalayita Archeological Interpretation Centre is the best preserved archaeological site in Fuerteventura, located in Atalayita village. Discover the old aboriginal houses built into the caves in the lava wall, which were once inhabited by the Mahos. This excursion is a must for anyone who is keen to learn about the island’s history and anthropology. 

Isla de Lobos

Fancy island-hopping in the Canaries? Isla de Lobos is a beautiful little island located just two kilometres from Fuerteventura and can be accessed by a ferry that leaves every day from Corralejo, costing approximately 15 euros for a return trip. A visit to this charming destination will make you feel as if you’re on a perfect desert island, where the sun worshippers can bathe in sheer tranquillity, while explorers can discover the rare birdlife, investigate the old lighthouse, or climb the island’s very own volcano.

Isla de Lobos is so petite and remote that it makes the other ‘secret’ islands in the Canaries seem like bustling tourist hot spots.

 Visit the island’s hottest beaches

Take a trip to the island’s top beaches, where you can admire the volcanic landscapes and turquoise waters that the Canaries are renowned for.

Stretching for over 800 metres, Calete de Fuste is a massive hit with families, with an extensive range of activities to keep both the children and the adults entertained. This family-friendly beach is perfect if you’re travelling with little ones -  you can feel at ease when taking the kids for a splash in the sea. With a lifeguard patrolling the golden sands, and a separate area for swimming and water sports, Caleta de Fuste provides the utmost safety to its guests.

The beach is also a haven for adrenaline junkies, with jet skis, pedalos, canoes and kayaks all available to hire in the harbour. To the south of the beach is a windsurf centre, where you’ll find both beginners looking to practice the sport and pros who are keen to ride the waves. Surfing is increasingly popular in Fuerteventura due to the ideal climates, so why not hire a board and give it a go?

Alternatively, head to Cofete beach, where you can admire the beautiful view of the Jandia Mountains soaring above the sea.

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