The best family beach holidays that await you this Winter

Discover the best family beach holidays in the Caribbean, Dubai or Sri Lanka and book an unmissable stay at world class, family friendly beach resorts

Some of the best childhood memories are made at the beach. Whether it is a simple bucket and spade day trip or a luxurious all-inclusive resort getaway, the beach is a place that is scientifically proven to reduce stress. If you are parents of young children, then the winter is the perfect time to escape to warmer climes. Take advantage that you can travel out of school holidays to enjoy reduced airfares and escape the crowds. While Europe tends to hide away under snow clouds for most of the winter, there are some dreamy sun-drenched destinations worth exploring. Discover our guide to the best family beach holidays and plan your half term getaway to some of the world’s best beaches.

What to know before booking the best family beach holidays?

It is not uncommon for family-friendly beach vacations to sound more relaxing than they actually are in reality. The combination of long-haul flights, changing time zones, tropical weather, and troublesome toddlers is something only the intrepid dare to embrace. However, with careful planning and advanced preparations, a winter sun escape can create beautiful memories that will be treasured forever.

  • Do your research beforehand to make sure that your destination is kid-friendly
  • Book your kids into kids clubs if your hotel offers them so that your kids can enjoy playing with other children
  • Plan the flights around the nap times of your kids so that they can sleep on the plane
  • Bring plenty of snacks to avoid tantrums
  • Understand that traveling is stressful for young children as it breaks their routine
  • Research local amenities- how close is the beach to the local hospital?
  • Teach your kids some of the local languages to engage them with the culture

Best family beach resorts in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is one of the best family beach holidays you could plan. It is bursting with fun and exciting activities for kids young and old. Famous for business travel, places such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai attract a family-minded, sophisticated traveler eager to explore the cultural delights of this hedonistic capital. So, if you fancy venturing off into the Arabian desert and enjoying some of the best family holiday resorts in the world, then the UAE is a must.

Dubai best beach resorts for kids

If you are trying to decide which Emirate offers the best family beach holidays, then look no further than Dubai. Lie back and take it easy on the white sand Jumeirah beach, enjoy energetic water rides at the Aquaventure Beach, or combine downtime with an adrenaline rush at one of the neighboring beaches close to The Palm.

Sharjah - Best kid-friendly beach resorts

While overshadowed by neighboring Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sharjah is one of the seven United Arab Emirates and home to some stunning beaches. Make a splash at the Al Mamzar Beach Park where a large stretch of white sand kisses the pristine blue ocean. There are designated picnic spots with tables and benches as well as a kiddie pool for those who prefer wave-free bathing on their cheap beach family vacations.

Best holiday resorts for toddlers in Zanzibar

For the families that prefer the road less traveled, then Zanzibar is a fabulous option for affordable tropical family vacations. Discover the wealth of wildlife that inhabits this island and get up close with impressive species such as dolphins and turtles on organized excursions. Of course, no trip to a tropical island is complete without a day at the beach and Zanzibar does not disappoint with its magnificent selection of beaches. Stretches of powder white sand attract visitors from far and wide but we recommend the calm waters of Matemwe Beach -  perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Exotic family-friendly beach resorts

Daydreaming about the best family beach holidays? Sunbathing on the shores of the Maldives or escaping into the idyllic paradise of Sri Lanka may seem like a far fetched fantasy for some. However, the best island vacations for families are easier to plan than you may think.

Family friendly tropical vacations in Sri Lanka

Most commonly known for its tea plantations, Sri Lanka is home to some of the world’s best holiday resorts for kids. Mirissa beach is arguably Sri Lanka’s most famous beach and it is perfect for both swimming and surfing. Whales and dolphins commonly frequent the waters and an organized boat trip will bring you up close to their natural habitat safely and securely.

Best tropical vacations with toddlers in the Maldives

The Maldives is a beach lover’s paradise offering kids the chance to play in a giant sandpit 24/7. It is perfect for kids of all ages and provides endless fun activities such as swimming with dolphins and tropical fish, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and treasure hunts. Each island in the Maldives offers safe tropical vacations for families a different version of fun so it is worth looking at where your hotel is located to check the activities offered. Of course, kids clubs are in abundance here offering parents the chance to rest and unwind too. It is a win-win.

Best island vacations with kids in the Caribbean

If you live in the USA, then all-inclusive family Caribbean holidays are a great option if you are craving some beach time with your little ones. From the glitz and glam of Punta Cana to the eco-paradise of Costa Rica, the Caribbean offers a rich and diverse way to enjoy the best family beach holidays.

Our best Caribbean beach vacations for families can be found at the following destinations:

  • Riviera Maya - The southern coast of Mexico is alive with idyllic beaches for tiny travelers. Let the warm water and white sand be your playground for a few days and if your kids are old enough don’t pass up the chance to snorkel in the MesoAmerican reef, one of the largest in the world.
  • Punta Cana is the most famous resort in the Dominican Republic for the best sun holidays for kids. Follow the crowds to Bávaro beach and enjoy the paperwhite sand and calm waters.
  • Cuba is an explosion of color and warmth offering some of the best family beach holidays in all of the Caribbean. Head to the Varadero resort for a fun-packed holiday on the long stretches of stunning coastline.
  • Costa Rica is the home of slow travel and full of eco-friendly touristic activities to enjoy as a family. Playa Grande offers some of the most magical sunsets as well as serene waters for safe swimming.