How to pack the perfect suitcase? The best baggage ever

How to pack the perfect suitcase?

Before turning all the wardrobes and dresser drawers in your home upside down, think about the destination and duration of your trip, and above all, your comfort. Staying at a hotel in the Caribbean is quite different from backpacking through Asia, so the following tips will help you pack the perfect suitcase for any destination:

Tricks for packing a perfect suitcase

Make a check-list of what you’ll need:

You can use one of the many apps that have been created for this purpose, such a Travel List, Closet+ or Suitcase.

Keep in mind the weight and dimensions of your luggage:

Most low-cost airlines only allow passengers to bring one carry-on bag that is 55 cm high, 35 cm wide and 20 cm deep. However, many allow a slightly larger width of 45 cm (the size of a standard trolley suitcase).

Review the liquids in your carry-on bag:

how to pack a suitcase pin and travel barceló Emperatriz

Many cosmetic and skincare lines offer smaller travel sizes, and companies like IKEA have created fun packs of clear 100 ml containers. Another option is to stay at a hotel that takes care of this for you, such as the Barceló Emperatriz in Madrid, which transforms its rooms into boudoirs and periodically renews its amenities with luxurious beauty products like the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale set.

Keep your clothes from wrinkling:

Learn how to fold your clothes to avoid wrinkling and to take advantage of all the space in your suitcase. Check out these tips from the organisation expert Marie Kondo:
Pack light and comfortable garments, as well as a bathing suit!

You never know when you’re going to come across a hidden beach, spa or natural pool.

Include a first-aid kit:

Adhesive bandages or sticking plasters for scrapes or cuts. If you will be travelling to an exotic location, also include bug repellent and medicine for gastrointestinal ailments.

Track your suitcase:

Forgetful minds will be happy to know that there are gadgets for tracking suitcases, such as Gigaset G-Tag, which uses Bluetooth technology to geolocate the bag in question and also lets you know if you have left something behind at home. SticknFind will display the location of your luggage on a map.