How to plan the perfect Cancún wedding — Cancún destination wedding

How to plan the perfect Cancún wedding

How to plan the perfect Cancún wedding

Cancún is one of the most romantic places in the world. That’s why a Cancún wedding will surely be a one-of-a-kind celebration. Discover turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches, complemented by year-round sunshine will make for an unbeatable venue for your special day. Your Cancún wedding is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Here’s how to plan your perfect wedding in this amazing Mexican destination.

Cancún beach weddings

Close your eyes. When you picture your Cancún wedding, what do you see? Soft white sand. Swaying palm trees. Blue sea stretching out to the horizon. This daydream is easy to achieve in Cancún.

  • Occidental Tucancún is located on a vast stretch of sand that is ideal for holding an incredibly romantic storybook beach wedding in Cancún. As bride and groom, you can make your dream of getting married on a white, sandy beach come true. To take things to the next level, recite your vows under an elegant Mexican-style gazebo, while the soft sea breeze lightly makes the bride’s veil dance and sway. It’s just the right way to begin your new life together.
  • Occidental Costa Cancún, meanwhile, is located on a vast beach that is perfect for holding the most romantic weddings. The bride and groom can make their dream of getting married on a white, sandy beach come true, doing so with the ocean as their backdrop while the soft sea breeze lightly makes the bride’s veil dance and sway. Or for a less sandy option, have the ceremony in an elegant Hupa (a Mexican-style gazebo with a vaulted ceiling).

Good to know: Both Occidental Costa Cancún and Occidental Tucancún offer personalized wedding planners who can help you plan your Cancún wedding down to the very last detail. From catering to the ceremony to pre- and post-wedding Cancún activities, these matrimonial experts will ensure that you get hitched without a hitch!

Get Pampered

Before and after your big day, you want to feel as good as you possibly can. Fortunately, Occidental Tucancún and Occidental Costa Cancún both boast world-class spas. At Occidental Costa Cancún, you can enjoy a luxurious Turkish bath and sauna, along with a wide variety of massages. Or indulge in a hydrating facial, so that your skin looks its best during the ceremony. At Occidental Tucancún, pay a visit to the exclusive Wellness Centre, offering a broad array of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. For added romance for you and the one you love, book one of the intimate couples’ treatments.

The perfect Cancún wedding accommodations

Your perfect wedding deserves a perfect place to escape and unwind. Try these amazing spaces on for size.

  • The most exclusive accommodations at Occidental Costa Cancún, the 829-square-foot Junior Suite Sea Front room offers sweeping views overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It has a huge private terrace with hot tub, hammocks, coffee maker and king-size bed; these are just some of the privileges of this Suite, designed and created for special occasions and guests who like to travel without limits.
  • At Occidental TuCancún, the 864-square-foot Premium Level Sea View Suite combines comfort and convenience in a newly renovated space. These suites have locally inspired decoration with modern touches and are completely equipped to guarantee a wonderful stay for your wedding.

Explore Cancún

Before and after your Cancún wedding, take some time to enjoy this special destination. Cancún is awash with cultural thrills for you and your guests.

  • Cancún’s rich Mayan heritage comes to life at Museo Maya de Cancún, located in the heart of the city’s hotel zone. Offering access to one of the Yucatán’s most important collections of Mayanartifacts, the sleekly designed museum features more than 400 incredible pieces of sculpture, ceramics and jewelry on display at any one time.
  • You can’t come to Cancún without enjoying a little of Mexico’s national spirit – Tequila! A visit to Cancún’s Tequila Herradura Sensorial Museum will showcase the modern and traditional artisanal methods of making this powerful and delicious elixir.
  • Cancún is filled with incredible eco-adventures – including cenotes. These are natural swimming holes with calm, clear waters. Some of the best cenotes in and around Cancún are located along the aptly named Ruta De Cenotes (Cenote Route). This spot is near the city of Puerto Morelos, about a 30-minute drive away from the main hotel zone.
  • Good to know: shopping in Cancún is tax-free! But that’s just one reason to go on a Cancún shopping spree. Kukulcán Plaza (on the famed Boulevard Kukulcán, of course) offers a dizzying array of Cancún shopping options. Here, you’ll discover authentic Mexican craft shops and boutiques alongside upscale jewelry stores and perfumeries.

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