Discover the best hotels that make saving water their priority

The tourism sector and, in particular, the Barceló Hotel Group chain, reinforces its commitment to the care and saving of water resources through awareness-raising actions and measures aimed at efficient consumption inside hotels

Hotels that care about saving water: water flowing in a weir

We are probably not adding anything new when we say that water is the greatest source of life and sustenance for mankind. This precious natural resource, which has become so scarce in recent times, is responsible for the production of between 50% and 85% of the oxygen released into the atmosphere each year.

These are currently difficult years in terms of the world's water situation. This is due to the constant droughts to which the planet has been subjected as a consequence of climate change and which, inevitably, bring with them numerous social problems. From the lack of access to drinking water to the decline in its quality, affecting people's health and well-being. The scenario continues to be alarming in a large part of Spain, with rainfall still below normal values, preventing reservoirs for human consumption and agriculture from maintaining an optimal level.

The challenge of ensuring universal access to water is becoming increasingly complex, due to the growing scarcity of the resource, which goes hand in hand with the increase in population and its supply needs.

As already warned at the 15th Water Economy Forum, the challenge of guaranteeing universal access to water is becoming increasingly complex, due to the growing scarcity of the resource, which goes hand in hand with the increase in the population and its supply needs. In the commitment to care for the planet and people, companies from different sectors are continuously working to find solutions that contribute to the more efficient use and management of our water resources. In the hotel industry, the Barceló ReGen sustainability strategy of the Barceló Hotel Group stands out in its fight against the climate emergency. From a plan that allows us to know the real impact of its hotels on the destinations to the implementation of solutions that enable better management of water resources and awareness-raising actions.

Hotels that care about saving water: The grounds of the Barceló Nura

The Barceló Nura Hotel in Menorca uses regenerated water in the gardens.


Hotels committed to saving and protecting water

In recent years, Barceló Hotel Group has implemented various water efficiency measures in order to mitigate any impact and manage this resource more responsibly. For this reason, its hotels carry out an exhaustive control and monitoring of water consumption, for which they have a technological tool that centralises all metres and allows continuous monitoring and analysis of all consumption. In 2022, investment in improving facilities was made in more than 80% of the hotels. This consisted of the installation of channel and pressure reducers and presence sensors on taps, as well as the optimisation of installations such as, for example, reinforcing the insulation of tanks and accumulators.

Hotels that care about saving water: The pool of Barceló Conil Playa

Barceló Conil Playa is leading the way with its water-saving efforts

The Barceló Conil Playa hotel has measures for the conservation of water such as the use of landscaped roofs, which allows the reuse of rainwater; water control by means of a recirculation circuit in hot water, frequency variators, thermostatic taps with automatic opening and closing system, urinals with flushometers and toilets with dual flush cisterns. In addition, the circularity objective is achieved with the reuse of greywater, a system whereby the sanitation water from sinks, bathtub and showers, after filtering and cleaning, is reused in the toilets of this Andalusian hotel.

Other measures have been added to these, such as the adaptation of green areas with indigenous plants and the use of drip irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting and the recirculation of hot water, among others.

Thanks also to its impact measurement system, included in its new sustainability plan, the company can know the real impact of its hotels in the destinations where they are present, with the aim of detecting and reducing risks to the health of the planet and people and advocating for more regenerative and sustainable tourism.

Hotels that care about saving water: The grounds of Barceló Tenerife

The native plants in the gardens of the Barceló Tenerife hotel are a sustainable option as they are more resistant to drought and can survive on natural water resources

Raising awareness in the shower

Pursuing the objective of raising awareness and highlighting the problems of drought and water scarcity facing the planet, the hotel chain has launched different awareness programmes aimed at employees and guests, inviting the latter to put into practice some recommendations that promote the responsible use of water.

Song 4 Showering' is an initiative that invites guests to limit their showers to the duration of a 4-minute song, thus avoiding wasting extra water

A very original initiative called 'Song 4 Showering' has to do with the time we spend under the shower. In order to make our showers in hotels more efficient, Barceló Hotel Group offers guests an eclectic playlist on Spotify, made up of songs with an exact duration of 4 minutes; a perfect and optimal time to take a shower without wasting more water than necessary.

Hotel showers: Girl washing in a hotel shower

Barceló Hotel Group helps guests make shower time more sustainable with handy tips inside the rooms


Guests can access this playlist through the platform's app and through the link enabled on Spotify, which can be accessed from the Barceló Hotel Group profile. The link will be present in the showers of all its hotels in Spain and will redirect to a playlist with a duration of exactly 4 minutes. Before showering, each guest will be able to select the song they want to listen to. A good moment to remember a favourite song or discover a new artist.

Aware of the importance of raising awareness about caring for the planet at an early age, the Barcy Club (the children's area of the Barceló Hotel Group hotels) organises games and workshops that promote good environmental practices among children through exploration, adventure, discovering the planet and caring for water as the most precious commodity, accompanied by the mascot Barcy, a friendly drop of water.

Barcy Kids Club: A group of children poses with the hotel mascot, Barcy

Kids can learn and have fun at the same time at the Barcy Kids Club