Why Xcaret Eco-Park is a must-visit for 2020

Located adjacent to the all inclusive Occidental at Xcaret Destination, Xcaret Eco-Park is a wonderland waiting to be discovered.

Located adjacent to the all inclusive Occidental at Xcaret Destination, Xcaret Eco-Park is a wonderland waiting to be discovered. Across 50 interactive attractions, all ages will enjoy cultural experiences, exciting rides, authentic cuisine and unique ecotourism adventures. It’s the only place you can discover authentic Mexican culture, underground rivers, Mayan ruins and more – all in one day. Find out everything you need to know about Xcaret Eco-Park below.

Xcaret Eco-Park fast facts


  • Address: Carretera Chetúmal Puerto Juárez Kilómetro 282, Solidaridad, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
  • Web: xcaret.com
  • The park’s name comes from the archaeological site Xcaret, a nearby Mayan settlement.
  • The 24-hour all-inclusive Occidental at Xcaret Destination offers a complimentary riverboat (known as a trajinera) to Xcaret Eco-Park for easy access from your resort.
  • Occidental at Xcaret Destination offers its guests the exclusive Unlimited Xcaret Xperience package, which lets you enjoy unlimited access to the Xcaret Park during your stay – plus much more! To start with, you’ll get a bottle of tequila in your room upon arrival. Learn more.



On the water excitement

There are plenty of chances for you to make a splash at Xcaret.

  • Climb aboard a motorboat that zooms across the Caribbean Sea at speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour (55 mph), performing dizzying 360° turns.
  • Float down Paradise River, a gorgeous waterway with stunning scenery. Keep an eye out for Riviera Maya wildlife, including blue crabs, iguanas, peccaries and other friendly critters.
  • Go snorkeling with incredible sting rays in a tranquil natural lagoon. This activity is perfect for all ages.
  • Take a swim with a shark! Seriously. Xcaret lets you immerse yourself in the world of nurse sharks – gentle giants who only feed on mollusks and other small species. During this unforgettable experience a trainer will always accompany you as you swim in the natural environment of the nurse shark.
  • Want to experience scuba diving – without learning how to scuba dive? With the innovative Sea Trek® helmet, you'll be able to walk and breathe on the bottom of the sea, just like on the surface.

Xcaret Eco-Park cultural experiences

Xcaret is one of the best educational tourism experiences you can have in all of Mexico.

  • Bring your appetite to the park! The El Gran Tlacho theatre offers an elaborate seven-course dinner that presents the diverse and delicious flavors of Mexico. While you eat, you’ll also have front-row seats for the Xcaret México Espectacular, a thrilling journey through history, with more than 300 artists on stage.
  • The wonders of Mexican culture are on full-display at Xcaret. Visit the Mayan village to enjoy traditional music and dance amongst underground rivers. Witness the mysterious Owl Dance in a natural grotto. Purify yourself during the ancestral ritual of temazcal. And marvel as the Voladores de Papantla fly through the air above the crowd.
  • Never mind Disney’s Main Street USA. Xcaret’s Main Plaza is a dazzling and immersive spot, with shops selling a wide variety of Mexican handicrafts, gifts, and traditional music to take home. Don’t miss the wine cellar, where you’ll find more than 180 bottles of the best Mexican wines.
  • Hacienda Henequenera pays tribute to the classic henequen haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula, with traditional cuisine and décor. It’s also home to the Museum of Mexican Folk Art, which features countless masterpieces made by local artists.
  • It’s Day of the Dead every day at the “Bridge To Paradise” Mexican Cemetery, which offers a glimpse of true Mexican culture, with beautiful colors adorning the tombs.
  • Enjoy a Mayan temazcal ceremony, a pre-Hispanic ritual to clean the spirit and the body. It’s kind of like a steam bath – but better! Let a shaman guide you through this holistic experience at the ancient Mayan ceremonial center of Polé, surrounded by the teeming jungle and an underground river.
  • Discover the Mexican rodeo, known as charrería, Intangible Heritage of Humanity, while you enjoy classic cuisine at La Cocina Restaurant. You’ll see Mexican charros perform unbelievable feats while riding purebred Aztec horses. Then, admire the abilities of the escaramuzas (female jockeys), who ride sidesaddle while wearing colorful Adelita dresses.

Only-in-Xcaret-Eco-Park fun

Try a few of these activities and you’ll be saying “there’s no place like Xcaret” in no time.

  • A parasailing adventure at Xcaret will send you soaring 600 feet high above the sea and jungle. The views are spectacular, and the adrenaline rush is unparalleled.
  • Check out the best view in all of Riviera Maya. Rising more than 250 feet above the park, Xcaret’s Rotating Scenic Tower gives you a birds-eye panoramic view of the sparkling Caribbean Sea and the surrounding jungle. It’s a sight you’ll be recalling with fondness for the rest of your life.
  • Pay a visit to the amazing House of Whispers. Thanks to its unique structure, you can hear your friends whisper at the other end of the building!
  • Located in an evocative cave, the Xpá is an otherworldly relaxation location offering sumptuous massages, amidst shimmering waters and gentle waterfalls. Inner peace is within reach.