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Activities in the Nicoya peninsula

The Barceló Tambor hotel is located in the Nicoya peninsula, a natural surrounding of unique beauty. The hotel offers a great variety of diverse activities to discover the flora, fauna, culture and spectacular sites of Costa Rica.

Protected area

Curú wild life refuge
Founded on 25 February 1983 by Federico Shutz, is the first private reserve in Costa Rica. It was created with the objective of protecting the dry forests of the Nicoya Peninsula. Despite its relatively small expanse, it is home to a great quantity of birds and terrestrial and sea fauna.
Distance from the hotel: 15 minutes by car

Karen Mogensen Reserve
This natural reserve has around 5km of trails, natural pools and a spectacular waterfall Velo de Novia. It represents a remaining fragment of the primary forest that is home to animals such as monkeys, deer, tapirs and pumas. The reserve was founded in 1996.
Distance from the hotel: 1 hour by car

Absoluta de Cabo Blanco Reserve
Founded in 1963, it is the first reserve of the State of Costa Rica. It boasts a primary forest, the original of the area, and also a secondary forest that appeared after the regeneration of the reserve. Three different species of monkeys can be seen here, and a great variety of birds.
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car

San Lucas Island
The Island has an area of 5 km² and hosts a prison that functioned from 1873 until 1991. During the 19th century it was used as an exile land or quarantine of foreign ships that would arrive at the Puntarenas port. Currently, it is a wild life refuge and the old prison functions as a historic centre.
Distance from the hotel: 15 minutes by car to Paquera Port, 30 minutes by boat

Venado Island
It is a small island of 3.5 km² and 1300 inhabitants. The island maintains 95% of its dry tropical forest, is surrounded by mangroves and boasts unique virgin beaches. All these factors make it an ideal eco-touristic destination.
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car to the Naranjo Beach, 15 minutes by boat

Chira Island
Is the second largest island of Costa Rica, with 43 km² and a population of 4000, it also contains the highest biodiversity in flora of dry tropical forest in Costa Rica. Life depends on the sea and the natural resources, and it is based on sustainable activities. You can visit the Association of Traditional Fishermen, Association of Traditional Fisher-women or the Association of Piangua (type of mussel) Sower Women.
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car to the Naranjo Beach, 30 minutes by boat

Tortuga Island
Tortuga (turtle) island has an area of 1.8 km² and is composed of two islands, the island of Alcatraz and the island of Tolinga. Seen form afar, the two islands appear chelonian. This word means turtle in the old Huetar tongue, used by indigenous inhabitants who lived in part of the Central Pacific. The main attraction at the island is its vegetation and its tropical beaches.
Distance from the hotel: 20 minutes by boat from the hotel

Cultural area

Cabuya Cemetery
For more than a century now, the neighbours of Cabuya, 7 km from Montezuma, started to bury their dead on this island that is located about 100 metres from the coast. When the tide recedes it is possible to reach Cabuya walking over the rocks.
Distance from the hotel: 30 minutes by car

Caprina de las Flores Production Farm, in the Esperanza de Cobano
Visit and see the different phases of fabrication of this farm dedicated to the production of lactose products.
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car

Modelo Don Manuel Farm, in Río Negro de Cobano
This visit allows you to see an example of livestock production that involves the presence of the evergreen bushes and trees, interacting with the traditional components (herbaceous fodder and animals).
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car

Unique flora

Ficus Tree
Exemplary of the Ficus tree (Ficus Cotinifolia) awarded the "Prize of the Exceptional Tree" on 15 June 2009.
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car

Árbol de Jesús
Mangrove tree situated in a reef of Punta de Piedra Amarilla of the Tambor. The water covers the trunk when there is a high tide.
Distance from the hotel: 10 minutes by car

Migratory Fauna

It is said that the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is visited by cetaceans following two climatic patterns, from April to December during the dry season, and from May to November in the rainy season. In the Ballena Bay, one can observe species such as the humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), the sperm whale (Physeter macropcephalus), the orca (Orcinus orca), the striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba), the rough-toothed dolphin (Steno brenadensis).
Location Ballena Bay, in front of the

hotel. The hotel is in an area of ornithological richness with some 800 resident and migratory birds. There are species that stand out such as the roseate spoonbill, northern Jacana, purple gallinulle, blue-crowned motmot, long-tailed manakin, painted bunting, scarlet-thighed dacnic, magpie-jays, among others.

hotel campus. During the month of November, toward the end of the rainy season, one can observe the sea shrimp arrive in masses to the coast, and the way that the local community carries out fishing activities to make the most of this phenomenon which is hardly documented scientifically.
Location 5 minutes by car

Sea Turtles
During the months of June till December the olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) visits the Pochote Beach in masses in order to spawn. This phenomenon is most intense in October.
Location Pochote beach, in front of the hotel

Resident fauna

You will have the opportunity to watch rays right in the area of the hotel. This species resides in the Ballena Bay, where it is usually attracted by organisms that dwell in the oceanic depths. It feeds on larvae, and adults feed on small species of crustaceans, fish, bivalves or worms. 
Location Ballena beach, in front of the

Lapas Rojas
hotel. Visit the Pro-conservation Association of the Ara Macaw (ASOPRALAPA), financed by Barceló. ASOPROLAPA is a non-profit entity which, since 1996, carries out a programme of controlled breeding, rehabilitation and setting free of ara macaws in the Nicoya Peninsula.
Location Hotel campus

Local activities

Surf tournaments at the Cedros beach in Montezuma and Santa Teresa beach
Don't miss the surf tournaments that are celebrated in summer with the participation of national and foreign competitors.
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car

International Festival of Montezuma Art. Chunches del Mar
In January the Chunches del Mar Art Camp is celebrated in Montezuma, Puntarenas. The festival gathers artists from various countries, and through its art, it seeks to create awareness in the visitors about the importance of environmental conservation.
Distance from the hotel: 30 minutes by car

Sand Castle at the Manzanillo Beach
For the past 15 years now, during March, the Manzanillo beach is the setting for the most spectacular sand castles that can be made. It is an event that boasts great popularity, it usually counts on the presence of local craftsmen, local residents, visitors, private companies and government entities.
Distance from the hotel: 40 minutes by car

Flea market in Montezuma
Montezuma holds a European style flea market. This event has an attractive and rustic atmosphere for tourists all year round.
Distance from the hotel: 30 minutes by car