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Map of Mexico

Mapa Puebla

Extra information

Currency: the official currency is the Mexican Peso, though the American Dollar is accepted in most of the country

Official time: UTC - 7

Official language: Spanish

Population: Approximately 87 million inhabitants

Electricity: the power supply in Mexico is 110 V. The plugs have 3 flat pins.

Public transport services (Manzanillo): Cost $7 per person. Available until 22.00.
Taxi service with Bell Boys: Base rate $50

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Destination information: Puebla


Mexico is an immense country, not just in terms of the number and variety of destinations, but also in terms of cultural richness. From some of the best beaches in the world to volcanic areas and ancient ruins, passing through big cities and a large variety of landscapes, ecosystems and towns.

In total, 1,964,375 km² of territory of which 11,122 km are coastline. In addition, there are 31 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 170 archaeological sites open to the public, 54 magical towns, 52 ethnic groups and numerous national parks and protected natural areas.

Visit Mexico and let yourself be seduced by its spicy and delicious cuisine, its magical nights accompanied by a good tequila, and the warmth and affection of its people.

Description of the area

Puebla de Zaragoza, better known as Puebla, is a city located 130 km from the country’s capital, Mexico City. It is commonly know as "the city of angels", because of the amazing beauty of its impressive colonial architecture, and its great, incredible surrounding mountains and volcanoes.

The city of Puebla is a historic, industrial and educational city with 2 million people in its metropolitan area.

People from Puebla are called 'poblanos' and their language is Spanish, even though their mother tongue, Nahuatl, is still spoken in some parts of the Puebla valley. The main industries in Puebla include textiles and car manufacturing. Rodeos, bull fights and professional football matches are a regular occurrence in Puebla. The temperature in Puebla is warm and mild all year round and the people are friendly and relaxed.


Mexican food is known around the world as one of the most diverse and tasty in the world. Corn tortillas are the basis of Mexican cuisine in which grilled meats are served, accompanied by somewhat spicy sauces, salads, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits.

The most famous dishes in the Puebla area are the "mole poblano" (thick chilli sauce) and "chiles en nogada" (peppers in a nut sauce), which you can easily find in the local restaurants.


The cathedral in the city of Puebla is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Mexico and has a spectacular altar designed by the sculptor Manuel Tolsá.

In the Casa de la Cultura you can find the marvellous Palafoxiana Library which houses more than 43,000 works.

At the Loreto and Guadalupe forts, visitors can take part in history of the famous battle of 5 May.

Tepozteco Pyramid: upon summit of Tepozteco hill is the site of the pyramid of the same name.

The Amparo Museum hosts a rich collection of pre-Hispanic art as well as the latest work from art schools in Puebla and the rest of Mexico.


In Mexico, visitors will find beautiful local handicrafts made from ceramics, copper, leather, fabric and macramé.

Close to the city of Puebla there is an important production centre offering works in clay, Talavera. Also, next to the city of Puebla's main square you can find the popular Parián (market), the best option for buying traditional arts and crafts made in Puebla. This market has over 100 stalls offering local handicrafts from different parts of the country.