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With more than 1,200 years of history, Germany's second most populous city is still the prosperous seaport that has made it famous and wealthy for centuries. Hamburg, the Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire, is the maritime gateway to the country, open to the Wadden Sea via the Alster Lake and the Elbe River. One of the highlights of hotels in Hamburg is being able to admire the bridges and canals that define the urban landscape and to appreciate the perfect harmony of this beautiful harbour city.

Essential places to visit while staying in Hamburg

Hamburg boasts its own unique way of life. This is often the case in cities that have maintained their strong personality since their origins. Accustomed to being the key entry and exit point for travellers and goods, the city has benefited both financially and culturally from this contact with the outside world.


Hamburg's main attractions include numerous theatres and auditoriums, such as the Theater im Hafen and the State Opera House. Not surprisingly, the city is considered the third largest music metropolis in the world, up there with New York and London, which makes Hamburg a popular holiday destination for the many international festivals that take place throughout the year.


Those who enjoy outdoor activities have the option to enjoy many great walks to discover the charms of the 'City of Water'. Not even the bridges of Amsterdam and Venice combined would be able to surpass the more than 2,300 bridges that criss-cross the city canals. It is precisely the city's bridges that give access to some of Hamburg's most emblematic areas such as the Krameramtswohnungen (pretty area that conserves the traditional houses of 17ᵗʰ century merchants), the neo-Gothic Church of St Nicolas and the City Hall with its popular 112-metre high tower.


The city can also be visited by boat, by taking one of the boat trips that depart from the piers at Biennenalster, which, in addition to the tour, usually offer tasting sessions of typical local dishes such as Bohnen und Speck (bacon, beans and pears) or Rote Grütze (red berry dessert).

Quality accommodation in the heart of the city

Hamburg is the perfect destination for those looking for exclusivity. An eclectic city full of contrasts, from the lake-side mansions to the alternative district of St Pauli, Hamburg seduces visitors with its unique leisure, cuisine, shopping and culture.


Designer accommodation in a hotel such as Barceló Hamburg allows visitors to truly appreciate the authenticity of a holiday in the city founded by Charlemagne. The city's unique blend of past and future is also evident in Hamburg's architecture, which ranges from the most modern and luxurious hotels to the charm of the traditional town houses and the beauty of the regal mansions. Spending a few days immersed in these contrasts alongside Barceló Hotel Group is the best way to understand the transformation that the city is still undergoing, and to experience this interesting change in luxurious surroundings.

Hamburg Tourism Guide

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