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Ready to begin a new journey

With its total commitment to offering our guests the best service, we continue to support innovation and the latest technologies in our history. This time, the adventure takes us on a new website with an improved and more contemporary image and a navigational experience designed to make your stay with us perfect from the start of your search.

Improving our guests’ experiences!

Our e-commerce platform is renovated with technological tools that combine the user with a powerful digital experience. In addition, this new design allows you to travel the website in simplest and intuitively. On the other hand, a bet for maximum efficiency and speed during the booking process.

A refurbished style

Features for a unique experience


So that you can have a first look at everything at your fingertips (hotels, destinations, offers, campaigns, inspirational content, etc.)

Personalised content

Information that can be adapted to each user through search filters and personalised campaigns for each market and language, among other options.


Hotel comparison site

From any search results page, choose up to three hotels and pay a discount for prices, services, location..

Multimedia galleries

Hotel tokens with multimedia galleries with all types of visual equipment to find out facilities, services or experiences.

Book your hotel in a few steps

Intuitive, quick and simple. This is our new booking process.

  1. Select your hotel, travel dates and occupancy

  2. Select the room and rate type

  3. Add the additional services you wish for

In just 3 steps you can book at our hotels any type of device!

New news

This is not the end here.. We are still working to offer you more news and improvements to our website. You will soon be able to access a private area for complete management of all of your bookings, as well as your profile at my Barceló; inspire you in your search with a questionnaire of preferential destinations or discover places of interest with interactive maps with interactive information close to the hotels.

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