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Discover Germany, a country far removed from the popular clichés, and a destination that is sure to impress thanks to our cosmopolitan Barceló Hamburg hotel. 

This Central European country has played a prominent socio-political role in the recent history of Europe, and this is reflected in its cities and architecture. Germany is also a country with vast cultural wealth and it has given the world great composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Wagner. 

However, there is much more to discover in Germany. You can explore lush forests and lavish castles, enjoy the sophisticated charm of the cities, and visit theatres and art galleries. Here the avant-garde and the classical exist side by side.

Dorint Thermenhotel Freiburg


✓ Perfect location

✓ Natural surroundings

✓ Magnificent Wellness Centre


Dorint Resort Winterberg


✓ Located at Postwiese station

✓ Leisure activities

✓ Kids club



Dorint Hotel Alzey


✓ Charming hotel

✓ Unique environment

✓105 rooms and Junior Suites


Hotel Nassauer Hof


✓ Luxury city hotel
✓ 1,500 square metre spa
✓ Excellent cuisine


Hotel Dorint Pallas Wiesbaden


✓ In the heart of the city

✓ Luxury hotel

✓ 2000 m² conference area


Hotel Essential by Dorint Stuttgart-Airport


✓ Hotel with concept

✓ Close to the airport

✓ Gastronomic variety


Dorint Herrenkrug Parkhotel Magdeburg


✓ Historic facilities
✓ Located in Herrenkrug Park
✓ Spa


Hotel Dorint Marc Aurel Resort Bad Gogging


✓ Exclusive Wellness Centre

✓ Thermal pool

✓ Sports activities


Dorint Kongresshotel Chemnitz


✓ Centrally located hotel

✓ Events and business

✓ Urban tourism


Dorint City-Hotel Bremen


✓ Perfect location

✓ Celebrations and business

✓ Close to the old town of Schnoor


Dorint Hotel Wurzburg


✓ Central location

✓ Leisure and business travel

✓ Natural surroundings


Dorint Kongresshotel Dusseldorf Neuss


✓ In the heart of the historic centre

✓ Maximum comfort

✓ 18 conference rooms


Dorint Am Nurburgring Hocheifel


✓ Beautiful natural surroundings

✓ On the Nürburgring track

✓ Variety of activities


Hotel Dorint Resort Baltic Hills Usedom


✓ For golf lovers

✓ Impressive nature

✓ By the sea


Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt Koln


✓ Luxury in the heart of the city

✓ Panoramic lift

✓ Exclusive Wellness area


Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim


✓ Centrally located hotel

✓ 287 rooms

✓ Business travel


Dorint Parkhotel Meissen


✓ On the banks of the Elbe

✓ Panoramic sauna

✓ Views of Albrechtsburg Castle


Dorint Hotel Duren


✓ Idyllic location

✓ Business and leisure travel

✓ Unique gastronomic offerings


Dorint Parkhotel Siegen


✓ Charming hotel

✓ Located in a park

✓ Large spa area


Essential by Dorint Koln-Junkersdorf


✓ Event rooms

✓ Nearby transportation

✓ Variety of activities


Dorint Hotel am Dom Erfurt


✓ Classic and modern

✓ Unique environment

✓ 160 rooms


Dorint Hotel München


✓ 207 rooms

✓ 500 m2 meeting area

✓ Spectacular terrace


Hotel Dorint Strandresort & Spa Ostseebad Wustrow


✓ 4 stars

✓ By the sea

✓ Wellness Area


Dorint Strandhotel Binz Rugen


✓ In front of the beach promenade

✓ Spa & Wellness

✓ Excellent cuisine


Dorint Parkhotel Frankfurt Bad Vilbel


✓ Modern rooms

✓ Three 162 m² event rooms

✓ 30 minutes from the airport


Hotel Dorint An der Kongresshalle Augsburg


✓ Business and celebrations

✓ Urban tourism

✓ 184 rooms and suites


Maison Messmer


✓ Luxury hotel
✓ Located in a spa town
✓ Amazing views


Sölʹring Hof


✓ 2 Michelin star restaurant

✓ Luxury hotel

✓ Spectacular dunes


Hotel Essential by Dorint Herford Vlotho


✓ Ideal for events

✓ Natural and relaxing surroundings

✓ Variety of activities


Dorint Hotel Hamburg Eppendorf


✓ In the heart of Eppendorf
✓ Business or leisure travel
✓ Modern facilities


Dorint Hotel Frankfurt Oberursel


✓ 20 minutes from Frankfurt city centre
✓ 140 rooms and suites
✓ Wellness area measuring 536 m²


Hotel Dorint Venusberg Bonn


✓ 4 stars

✓ Perfect location

✓ Urban tourism


Dorint strandresort Spa Sylt/Westerland


✓ 500 metres from the sea

✓ Sauna area

✓ Kids club


Hotel Dorint An der Messe Koln


✓ Perfect location
✓ Event area measuring 1,200 m²
✓ 'Vital Spa' measuring 650 m².


Dorint Seehotel Binz-Therme Binz Rugen


✓ Close to the sea

✓ Unique location

✓ Thermal baths and spa


Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Arnsberg Sauerland


✓ Surrounded by nature

✓ Sports activities

✓ 163 rooms


Hotel Essential by Dorint Frankfurt-Niederrad


✓ Modern facilities

✓ Relaxation area

✓ Business and celebrations


Dorint Sanssouci Berlin Potsdam


✓ Urban tourism

✓ Indoor pool

✓ 309 rooms


Dorint Hotel Dresden


✓ In the heart of Dresden

✓ Wellness Area

✓ Excellent transport links


Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar


✓ Privileged location

✓ Classic and modern

✓ 500 m² Ginkgo Spa


Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Bruckenau


✓4 stars

✓ Bavarian Rhön Nature Park

✓ 2,800 m2 spa


Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr


✓ In the heart of the Ahr Valley

✓ Privileged location

✓ Excursions


Hotel Dorint Main Taunus Zentrum Frankfurt Sulzbach


✓ 4 star superior
✓ Excellent location
✓ Perfect for business travel


Dorint Hotel Durbach Schwarzwald


✓ Unique natural enclave

✓ Between Offenburg and Strasbourg

✓ Wine Route


Dorint hotel Leipzig


✓ Close to the centre

✓ 9 meeting rooms

✓ City breaks


Hotel Dorint Charlottenhof Halle


✓ In the city centre
✓ 537 m² of event space
✓ Family hotel


Hotel Dorint Kurfurstendamm Berlin


✓ Unique architecture

✓ Reference point

✓ Art, hospitality and comfort


Hotel Essential by Dorint Berlin-Adlershof


✓ Close to the airport

✓ WISTA Science Park

✓ Modern facilities


Hotel Essential by Dorint Remscheid


✓ In Bergisches Land

✓ Between Cologne and Düsseldorf

✓ Summer terrace


Hotel Dorint Dortmund An den Westfalenhallen


✓ Centrally located hotel

✓ Events and business

✓ Excellent transport links


Dorint Sporthotel Garmisch Partenkirchen


✓ Unique natural setting

✓ Offer of activities

✓ Fitness and sports area



Hotel Kö59



✓ In the heart of Düsseldorf
✓ Luxury in the city centre
✓ Art, culture and gastronomy


Parkhotel Bremen


✓ In the centre of Bremen
✓5-star boutique hotel
✓ By the Hollersee lake