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Hotel accommodation in Huelva

When looking for hotels in Huelva, the coast is the preferred place for travellers, where they can find hotels with direct access to the most beautiful beaches on Huelva’s coast. Tourists appreciate how close their hotels are to the beaches and their corresponding promenades, bars, restaurants and plenty of leisure offerings. To sum it up, they’re looking for holidays that have it all, next to the waters of the Atlantic.

The hotels in this province are built around the nature of the area and use its charm for inspiration. For example, Barceló Isla Canela, which is on the seafront at Isla Canela, features fascinating Andalusian-style gardens. Barceló Punta Umbría Mar features marvellous views of Huelva’s natural surroundings, which makes it the perfect hotel for couples.

For travellers looking for the ideal family hotel, Occidental Isla Cristina is close to the beach—in this case, the beach at Isla Cristina. On the other hand, there are families looking for a hotel that is good for children and has spa services. You can find this comprehensive service at hotels like Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort, which is located on the sea front at Punta Umbría.

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday or a few romantic days with your partner, finding accommodation in Huelva won’t be any problem at all. Once travellers have their accommodation booked, they can start looking into the attractions they would like to visit in Huelva.

What to see in Huelva

Experiences on Huelva’s coast—which many call the Costa de la Luz—can be unforgettable. Numerous travellers fall in love and come back for future holidays in Huelva to continue marvelling at its views and its beaches.

Isla Canela and its fishing tradition

It is a small region southwest of the town of Ayamonte. It’s sister region is Punta del Moral, just 4 km away. This is where we can find the Isla Canela Marina, a hidden corner where ocean lovers can plan their boat trips—which can be easy leisure trips as a couple or family—where they can take in the natural surroundings, especially at sunset.

Given its location, it is a sea-faring community and is one of the many areas that have driven the fishing sector since the 18th century. Its environment is special. It has undulating dunes, sprawling tidewaters and its dense vegetation exhibits numerous shades of green.

Visitors that choose this destination for their holidays have the beach as their main point of interest. For travellers looking to take a stroll, the San Bruno Estuary is not far from the coast. Its branches extend from the sea’s connection with the Guadiana River. It is a perfect little corner to disconnect from everything and simply revel in the marvellous views.

For history lovers, we have Torre Canela, one of the fire signal towers constructed on the coast of Huelva in the middle ages to control the area in the event that pirates arrived. Organised visits are available to hear its history and are apt for all ages.

Relax with a stroll through Punta Umbría

For those wondering what to do in Punta Umbría, the answer is simple: there is no better experience than strolling along the sunny Atlantic coast and enjoying its natural spaces. As it is located just 20 km from the capital city of Huelva, many people take the opportunity to visit it and learn more about its history and culture at the Huelva Museum.

By strolling through the Punta Umbría Fishing Port, you can see small boats at rest after a hard day’s work, offering a fascinating view of how the fishing tradition combines with the natural surroundings.

These surroundings continue to be great places to visit on excursions during the summer season. One of the most extraordinary points is Los Enebrales de Punta Umbría, with a terrain that stretches over 162 hectares and joins Playa de Los Enebrales itself.

This location has a 3 km bicycle path with wooden access points to the beach, allowing visitors to easily take a swim at any moment of their trip. This visit is ideal for couples on a weekend short break.

Another touristic point of interest is the Marismas del Odiel natural park, where the mouths of the Odiel and Tinto rivers meet. Guided visits are organised throughout its 7,185 hectares to get to know the area’s natural fauna. We recommend taking your visits at sunset to enjoy its colours first hand.

For those looking to stroll through the urban area of Punta Umbría, this area also has a fire signal tower, the Torre de Punta Umbría, the oldest structure in the city. Just 350 m away, you’ll find the Casa de los Ingleses, a museum-type visit that commemorates the British community that began forming in Punta Umbría at the end of the 19th century. You can request visits to the Torre de Punta Umbría from here.

Marvel at the tidewaters of Isla Cristina

This fishing village in the southwest of the province of Huelva (40 km from the capital, Huelva) was founded by Valencian and Catalan people in the 18th century. This coastal area is admired for the beauty of its scenery, which is a relaxing part of this natural area, and will give you the opportunity to learn more about life on the coast.