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Hotels in Jalisco

Located in the west of Mexico, Jalisco has a fascinating biodiversity with beaches, mountains, forests, semi-deserts, jungles and much, much more. Mexico's fourth most populous state, it has a unique charm, with spectacular gastronomy, vibrant colours, mariachis, tequila, incredible beaches and, what's more, Jalisco is home to Lake Chapala, the largest lake in the country!


Visit Jalisco from one of our Barceló Hotel Group hotels and enjoy a unique experience in the capital, Guadalajara, also known as La Perla Tapatía or "The Pearl of the West", because it combines an excellent quality of life with an exclusive cultural scene.

What is there to see in Jalisco?

Jalisco is an ideal tourist destination for those looking for a unique and unforgettable experience. It offers a wide variety of activities that make it the perfect place for a holiday. One of the main attractions of Jalisco is the Magical Town of Tequila, where you can learn about the process of making tequila, sample the drink and enjoy the architectural and natural beauty. The state also has idyllic beaches such as Las Animas, Colomitos, Los Muertos, Yelapa, Las Caletas and Conchas Chinas, ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature. As if that were not enough, there are also various natural landscapes that are perfect for activities such as canyoning, ensuring a truly exceptional experience in Mexico.


 The state capital, Guadalajara, is a must see. It is a cosmopolitan, lively and colonial city that offers a wide variety of experiences for the perfect holiday. One of the city's top attractions is undoubtedly Guadalajara Cathedral. Another great choice is the Palacio de Gobierno, built in 1774 and featuring two large murals by Mexican artist José Clemente Orozco. There is also a small exhibition on the history of Jalisco and tequila. Teatro Degollado, the oldest theatre in Mexico and one of the best-preserved neoclassical buildings in Latin America, is also worth a visit.

Booking a hotel in Guadalajara is the best option for those who want a unique experience in Jalisco. Barceló Guadalajara is a benchmark of quality and exclusivity, as well as an excellent setting for unforgettable experiences, making it one of the best hotels in Guadalajara.


Jalisco also stands out for its cuisine, which includes typical dishes such as birria de chivo (braised goat), pozole (stew), torta ahogada (sandwich with chilli sauce) and carne de res en su jugo (stewed beef), one of the most traditional dishes in the region.

Holidays in Jalisco

Holidays deserve to be remembered, and when you choose to go to Jalisco, they are sure to be unforgettable. One of the most charming states in Mexico, it offers everything you could wish for in a holiday. Fall in love with the landscapes, stroll through the streets, enjoy the cuisine, traditions and culture that make it the ideal destination for a few days of rest and relaxation.


In addition, the weather is excellent all year round, guaranteeing a wonderful stay.