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A natural setting in the heart of Andalusia
Exquisite, internationally renowned restaurants
One of the top 25 luxury hotels, recognised by the Tripadvisor 2019 Traveler’s Choice Awards

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Granada is a precious place which abounds with experiences and beauty for the visitor. A great historical attraction, if you visit this region you must visit La Alhambra, La Alpujarra, the Arabic Baths and the Park of the Sciences which are just a few of the many options that this destination has to offer.

Loja, known as the City of Water due to the almost 2,000 springs found there is in the west of the province of Granada and is a city of ancient history and monumental wealth.

A colourful land of beautiful landscape that is situated in the heart of Granada. Its natural surroundings are undoubtedly, along with its history, one of its major attractions. This area, which has Muslim traces as well as from the Copper Era, was the gateway to the kingdom of Granada for the Catholic kings.