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Bulgaria is a country which has evaded mass tourism and modern trends. That's why, a visit to this country means the chance to discover a rich archaeological legacy, stunning scenery that changes dramatically with each season, not forgetting the golden beaches of the Black Sea. A unique experience among hospitable people with delicious cuisine to tempt even the most discerning.

What staying with Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Bulgaria entails

Due to its location as a bridge between east and west, several civilisations have occupied this country over the course of history, leaving a fascinating historical heritage which you can discover through Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Bulgaria, with special activities, exciting sports and lovely walking routes.

From music festivals and traditional Bulgarian dances to relaxing swims in the hot springs of Blagoevrad or Velingrad, and all types of winter sports, Bulgaria is a destination where guests have plenty to do and are able to treat themselves.

The most unknown face in Europe

Sofía, the country’s capital and one of the oldest cities of the continent, is commonly the point of entry into Bulgaria. The city’s skyline is unmistakable, as it is dominated by the impressive cathedrals of Alejandro Nevski and Plodiv, the latter containing a Roman amphitheatre dating back to the second century. Not far from the city lie the famous Thracian tombs of Svechtari and Kazanlak, the medieval church Boyana and the orthodox monastery in Rila, which are among the 10 World Heritage Sites in the region.

In the rural areas, nature remains remarkably unspoiled and invites you to lose yourself in national parks like Rila or Pirin, or to explore the wild forests by the Lovech and Rousse rivers. The Port cities of Burgas and Varna on the Black Sea, serve as a launch pad to reach the 300 km or so of beaches bathed in the Black Sea, which can be enjoyed from resorts such as Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Sunny Beach, the perfect place to unwind and experience the authentic Bulgarian riviera.

Enjoy a true destination with our hotels in Bulgaria.