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Offering much more than the best European tourist destination, these Mediterranean islands are a floating orchard peppered with colour. Every year, thousands of tourists stay in the all inclusive hotels and resorts in the Balearic Islands with a desire to enjoy this delight of nature. Here you can get a taste of authentic flavours in the midst of unspoilt beaches and coves and marvel at the sunsets brimming with colours.

An all inclusive holiday in the Balearic Islands is the gateway to an unforgettable experience. This experience is the fusion of exclusive accommodation next to the best beaches and coves and the pleasant intimacy you can feel in the traditional villages of the archipelago. Your stay on these islands may be either short or long, but it’s clear that your time here will leave you with feelings that you will treasure forever.

The magic of the Mediterranean islands

The development of tourism in the Balearic Islands becomes evident in the wide range of accommodation and in the exceptional infrastructure that makes it easy to travel between one island and another. This is why today, this small Spanish treasure in the Mediterranean sea is closer than ever to the rest of the world.

Staying in an exclusive all inclusive hotel in Mallorca next to its idyllic Mallorcan coastline is the ideal option for travellers. For this type of visits, thanks to their varied activity programmes, the all inclusive hotels and resorts in the Balearic islands provide guests with a host of facilities. This kind of holiday is much more than just a hotel room or full board accommodation. A holiday of this kind is an exceptional travel experience that, from the comfort of your luxurious and exclusive hotel, offers you the chance to experience the essence of amazing islands.

Ideas for an all inclusive holiday in the Balearic Islands

Each of the five islands that make up the Balearic archipelago boasts its own identity. So, all inclusive stays in Ibiza are internationally renowned for lively night life; Cabrera and Formentera are dream-like destinations for ramblers and lovers of outdoor activities; and Mallorca is an important historic and commercial enclave within the archipelago. If you are looking for a destination that provides a balance between leisure, culture and nature, the right choice for you may well be an all inclusive experience in Menorca, a chilled-out island with wonderful options for making the most of your free time.

All of this suggests that the international success of the Balearic Islands stems from the diverse tourist attractions, of which the jewel in the crown are the all inclusive hotels that have gained worldwide recognition. From scuba diving on the beautiful sea beds Cabrera Maritime National Park to visits to Medieval towns such as Dalt Vila or monumental gems such as the old quarter of Mahón, you are sure to find places from which you can take home much more than a stunning photograph.

If we add to these natural wonders the chance to enjoy a carefree stay in a first-class establishment with all the comforts you may need, an all inclusive holiday in the Balearic Islands becomes a dream come true.