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With private beach in the Santiago Peninsula Architecture inspired by Mayan culture Junior Suites with sea or garden views
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Situated on two twin bays in the west of the State of Colima, you’ll find the small city of Manzanillo. The tranquillity, the warm weather every day of the year and the beauty of its natural landscapes have made this destination a favourite among travellers who know how to enjoy luxury down to the minute details. The all inclusive hotels and resorts offer in Manzanillo bears witness to the promising tourist development of an area full of attractions for the visitor.

All inclusive holidays in Manzanillo: an explosion of flavours

It can’t be denied that Manzanillo has its own flavour. Its gastronomy allows the visitor to take a historical tour through the state of Colima through the palate. Flavours from the sea that have been developed over time and with the development of the city and now find themselves on the menu of the best restaurants in Manzanillo. The varied gastronomic offering of these establishments allows guests to enjoy a holiday experience through all the senses. The all inclusive resorts in Manzanillo, such as the Barceló Karmina, are a fine example of the importance of the country’s culinary heritage. With its four restaurants and all inclusive programme (breakfast, lunch, dinner, open bar, snacks, etc.), it will be difficult for guests to end their stay without having savoured some of the most famous dishes from Manzanillo such as the grilled sailfish, Colima ceviche, lobster al mojo and the marlin empanadas.

But the experience of an all inclusive holiday in Manzanillo goes beyond the feeling of taste. It is also the comfort of a room designed with all the luxuries of the superior category establishments, daily activities with no additional charge (sports programmes in the swimming pools, dance classes, live music, etc.), facial and body treatments in the spa complexes and exclusive access to private beach areas.

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The bays of Manzanillo and Santiago, which are home to the majority of hotel establishments in the area, are undoubtedly the hallmark of the city. There are daily diving expeditions at Playa Audiencia, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in colourful shoals of tropical fish. There is also organised horse riding, water and sports activities, and of course, boat excursions to Elephant Rock, with kilometres of tunnels which pass through the centre of the bay in the direction of the mountains.

It is precisely in these mountains where visitors discover additional leisure offerings, changing their sandals over for walking boots. The Cerro del Toro Park is almost 800 metres above sea level, with a hill from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the city and watch the sparkling water of the Pacific Ocean. You can go by foot, by bicycle or on a quad bike, along the forest trail that passes through lush tropical vegetation and is full of streams, exotic birds, snakes and iguanas. It really is a natural adventure, an all inclusive holiday with no risk of the traveller getting bored.