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Whenever you mention Egypt as a destination, people all over the world think of the pyramids, archaeological remains and the history of an ancient civilisation. All inclusive hotels and resorts in Sharm El Sheikh allow you to discover a reality that exceeds all such preconceived ideas. It’s time to immerse yourself in the best-hidden secrets of a country whose natural beauty and landscape is gaining ground, attracting increasing numbers of visitors who are shying away from traditional tourist sites.

An all inclusive holiday on the Sinai Peninsula

Destinations offering such a balanced combination of sea and mountains are always successful. To make this a reality, all inclusive holidays in Sharm El Sheikh have become a preferred option for those travelling with the family, their partner or among friends. They are all located on the Sinai Peninsula and adapted to suit your tastes to ensure a pleasant stay in the country.

This region of Egypt is fortunate to enjoy a range of tourism activities that go beyond the country’s world famous history and art. Use it as a base for cultural visits to national highlights including Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai, reminding visitors that Egypt is so much more than the cradle of pharaonic civilisation. However, it is nature that calls the attention of adventurers setting out to discover the lesser-known side of this country.

Sharm El Sheikh’s all inclusive hotels are a gateway to all kinds of outdoor activities, many related to the sea. In fact, this region is very popular for the beauty and diversity of its underwater world, which attracts and delights divers from all around the globe.

If you prefer to enjoy nature on dry land, you’ll be able to go on jeep tours, mountain bike and even camel trek through the nearby Ras Mohammed National Park, or hike across the highest dunes in the incredible desert landscapes of the Sinai Peninsula.

Discover Egypt with an all inclusive holiday in Sharm El Sheikh

Travellers visiting these latitudes for the first time feel as if they have landed in a place that’s very different to the one they imagined. Hotels with all inclusive service like the Barceló Tiran Sharm have created a new concept of holidays in Egypt. This type of exclusive establishment offers guests a holiday full of conveniences.

The Gulf of Aqaba features an extensive coastline, home to major upmarket tourist resorts. El Gouna, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Sharm El Sheikh, are just some of the destinations connected to this type of quality tourism. It’s not surprising that such places are home to unplanned sports and leisure activities.

There is so much to discover that every day in Egypt can become a new adventure. All inclusive Sharm El Sheikh resorts design activity programmes so that all guests have to worry about is enjoying the wonderful weather from private beaches with crystal clear waters or innovative accommodation such as our swim-up rooms.