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The extreme south of the Nicoya Peninsula offers one of the wildest and most colourful landscapes in Costa Rica. The presence of the Panica River has encouraged the eye-catching flora and fauna that surrounds the main all inclusive hotels and resorts in Tambor Beach to flourish. This is a journey into the heart of exotic landscapes, into pure Costa Rican life, into the authentic flavour and beauty of nature.

A different perspective of the Panica River

Preconceived ideas should be put aside if you choose this idyllic spot as your holiday destination. Mention Costa Rica and what comes to mind are images of idyllic beaches and jungle landscapes with exotic animals; but those images fall short when it comes to explaining the sensations felt here by travellers. All inclusive holidays in Tambor Beach have their own identity and are shaped by a setting that, despite being a world benchmark for ecotourism, you should get to know firsthand in order to understand and enjoy it as it deserves.

Tambor Beach is located next to the estuary of the Panica River, and this geographical feature should not be overlooked. The importance of Ballena Bay, with its pronounced horseshoe shape and calm, crystal clear water, is comparable to that of the Panica River, which winds its way inland towards the heart of the peninsula. This is an area full of nature reserves and flanked by two important protected areas, the Cabo Blanco National Park and the Negritos Island Nature Reserve. Excursions can be made inland from the coast on foot or on horseback to discover the charm of the Montezuma hills, which offer travellers a fresh insight into the special connection between the river and the bay.

All inclusive holidays in Tambor Beach with a fresh coconut flavour

Many of the all inclusive hotels in Tambor Beach are located on the inland side of this destination, while others, such as the Barceló Tambor hotel, can be found on the coast, where the Gulf of Nicoya opens out onto the ocean. This is another of the strategic points on the west coast of Costa Rica, thanks to both the sheer variety of landscapes and number of activities that you can take part in.

One of the most popular experiences is a fishing trip on a Panga, a kind of wooden boat that the locals have used for hundreds of years as a work tool. Early each morning, the sand of Tambor Beach is a meeting point for locals, visitors, walkers enjoying a stroll to Cocalitos Beach during the sunrise, and sports lovers wanting to make the most of the day. This is also the time when boats set sail on trips to Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island), a must-visit for diving enthusiasts. Enjoy crystal clear water and an incredible number of extraordinary fish among tropical beaches, where it’s almost compulsory to sit and unwind while enjoying some fresh coconut water.

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