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Allegro Agadir


2076 reviews

Privileged location near Agadir beach
Large outdoor area
Ideal for families with children in Agadir

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If you are a golf lover you’ll want to practise your favourite hobby whenever you get the chance. Golf is a universal sport and those who want to combine adventure and tourism while practising their swing can enjoy playing anywhere in the world. Allegro Hotels golf are always a safe bet.

Golf with the best views of the Caribbean

Diving is one the main attractions on the island of Cozumel and in the Riviera Maya, with marine life that attracts holidaymakers from all over the world keen to go swimming and snorkelling in the area. The underwater landscape competes with another big attraction outside the water – the fact that you can play golf on some of the best golf courses in Mexico.

An experience that will make your holiday even more fun. Its picture-perfect beaches are complemented by the green courses that are surrounded by lush nature and the soft sea breeze will bring a smile to your face. You can access the designer golf courses, which are among the best in Mexico, from Allegro Hotels golf. After you’ve played an energising 18-hole round of golf you’ll want to celebrate with a toast or whet your appetite with some Mexican specialities. And you can have this same experience in any of the destinations throughout the world with Allegro Hotels golf.

They say that happiness is a long walk with a putter. You can find out for yourself at Allegro Hotels golf.

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