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In a corner of the world where it still appears possible to see ships along the coast arriving from the four points of the compass, the first European city of America awaits: Santo Domingo. The original base of the colonial government of Spain in the New World, it owes its strategic importance to its Ciudad Colonial (“Colonial City”), a World Heritage Site, the Gothic cathedral of Santa María and its fortresses. Inherent to its geography are the never-ending beaches, and to its people is the intoxicating spirit that overcomes visitors without fail.

Holiday in the ‘First Island’

As the first Spanish settlement on the continent, Santo Domingo is home to the first significant historical monuments: the first cathedral in the New World (the Catedral Primada), the first fortress (the Fortaleza Ozama), the first university, the first palace and the first monastery. However, there’s still room in the colonial streets for modern skyscrapers and complexes such as the Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Santo Domingo; tradition does not reject the present.

This innovative outlook has turned the capital into a business centre that attracts business people from all over the world to its skyline of fortresses, its historic squares and the promenade. In this context, it’s not a financial centre as such, rather it splashes the city with business, so Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Santo Domingo is perfect for combining work and leisure.

Beaches and flavours all of their own

The capital of the Dominican Republic is also home to never-ending beaches such as El Macao, which UNESCO has declared as one of the best in the Caribbean. Unwinding next to turquoise seas framed by a city frozen in time is an original image, one that contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the cultural and artistic activity of Santo Domingo.

One of the best examples of the city’s culture is its regional dishes such as sancocho, meat stew, cassava and bananas, which take centre stage on the menu at Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Santo Domingo.

Discover a country of tradition, the avant-garde and pleasure from our hotels in Santo Domingo.

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