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Barceló Cáceres V Centenario
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Although one could say Cáceres is a city with a heart of stone, this should not be taken literally. Beneath its stone shell of ochre-coloured buildings is one of the most romantic cities in Spain.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, Cáceres was a key point on the historic Vía de la Plata [Silver Route] from Seville to Astorga. Today, the city is still a must-see for those who adore natural landscapes, Medieval cities, famous local cuisine, as well as peace and quiet, all of which can be found at our hotels in Cáceres, which add the final touch to your getaway to the very charming Extremadura.

Places of interest to visit in Cáceres

The focus of any visit to Cáceres is its historic centre, one of the most important Medieval and Renaissance heritage sites in the world. It is here, in the cobblestone streets of the old town, where some of the best-preserved palaces and fortresses in Europe are still standing today.

The remains of the Arabic city wall still surround Cáceres, a city characterised by earthy tones. From practically any direction, you can still make out the silhouettes of more than a dozen towers on the city’s skyline, which look over its Plaza Mayor. These city walls still surround the two largest areas of Cáceres. Within these walls, the main tourist sites and places of interest can be found. Emblematic sites such as Las Veletas Palace, Bujaco Tower, the Casa del Sol, or the Co-Cathedral of Santa María, are today a reflection of the city’s majestic past. These buildings, steeped in symbolism, make the city an unmissable destination on the historical journey through Spain.

The historical centre of Cáceres and its many monuments is much more than a place to take a stroll. Whilst exploring its stone streets, it’s impossible not to stumble across one of the countless museums that further enrich any visit to this city. Places such as the Museum of Cáceres, with a permanent exposition depicting the city’s archaeological and cultural past, the Museum of the Co-cathedral, or the Yusuf Al Burch Arabic Museum-House, representative of Arabic tradition in the area.

Holidays in Cáceres in complete luxury

Choosing a good hotel is one of the fundamental aspects when it comes to guaranteeing the success of a holiday in Cáceres. Usually, visitors arrive at this city in search of the essence of small Spanish cities in which they can take in the charm of the traditional and the traces of time. However, this does not mean foregoing the luxuries of modern and exclusive accommodation, with everything you need for a unique experience.

The best hotels in Cáceres meet all the requirements for a comfortable stay in a city where rest and tranquillity are part of its main attractions. The Barceló Hotel Group offers visitors to Cáceres an exclusive hotel. The Barceló Cáceres V Centenario, which in addition to comfort and top facilities provides guests the chance to take tours of the city, along with other additional services, to ensure that they thoroughly enjoy their stay. After a long day of sightseeing, there is nothing like returning to a hotel room with heating and air conditioning, a king-size bed and a selection of pillows for guests to choose from, and taking a dip in the pool area or enjoying a snack at the snack bar, before a delicious evening meal at the hotel’s restaurant.

Things to see and do in Cáceres

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