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The financial prosperity of the north of Italy is particularly noticeable in cities like Milan. It has always been a bridge between a country with deep-rooted traditions and influences from the rest of Europe and beyond, all congregating here at this nexus of the Po Valley. The hotels in Milan are frequented by the affluent visitors who flock to the capital of Lombardy for business meetings or simply just to experience the most glamorous side of bella Italia.

Places of interest in Milan that shouldn’t be missed

The Milanese propensity for fashion is not the only reason this city has become such an international hub. Before it became one of the world’s most important catwalks, the city was already an important commercial and cultural enclave at the nexus of an Italy with deep traditional roots and more cosmopolitan tendencies.

Among the main points of interest in Milan are the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery with its characteristic glass dome, separating two of the most prominent spaces in the city: the Piazza del Duomo, notable for its elegant cathedral with a neo-gothic facade, and the Piazza della Scala, a pedestrian area that pays homage to that archetypal Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci.

In fact, the city is full of reference points to this historical polymath. Not surprisingly, one of the city’s cathedrals, Santa Maria delle Grazie, is home to one of Da Vinci’s most famous works: The Last Supper.

On the same street, you can pass from history and art to the city’s most innovative and avant-garde aspects. Along the busy streets that make up the so-called Quadrilatero della Moda are some of the most luxury shops of the capital, with brands of international renown such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Versace, which provide an elegant and distinguished flavour to a Milan visit.

Milan, a business city

Apart from these touristic aspects which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world to the Lombardy capital, Milan is a well-known European business centre. Some of the most important commercial events on an international scale are held annually at the Milan Exhibition Centre, a complex of 26 exhibition halls located in the Rho area of the city.

The annual international coverage of these events results in the influx of many thousands of people to the city. Discerning guests who have made sure over the years that Milan’s hotels have made a significant improvement to their range of services.

The Barceló MilanBarceló Milan hotel has succeeded in perfectly adapting to the needs of all those travelling for business, offering a type of accommodation which is both avant-garde and multifunctional. A spacious hotel, equipped with all the latest technology in large and comfortable rooms for hosting conventions, events and celebrations, both for business and pleasure.

Apart from the advantages offered by an establishment with so many comforts, what is often most attractive to guests who travel to Milan for work is that these places are also very well connected to the Milan Exhibition Centre.

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