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Ourense is city of water and a true architectural treasure thanks to its 2,000-year history, spanning Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and modern times. The Miño is no longer used to transport gold, but the thermal waters it brings to the whole city are just as valuable. Convenient, relaxed and with a variety of activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay at a hotel in Ourense, this is the ideal destination for trips with family or friends.

Spa waters and Health Resorts in Ourense

When it comes to hot springs, As Burgas is an iconic meeting place with strong connections to the city’s origins.


Located in the very heart of Ourense’s historic centre and dating back to Roman times, this spring is a source of many legends as well as healing mineral waters. They say that if you touch the thermal spring of As Burgas, you will end up celebrating your wedding here. Other stories tell of the mysterious whispering of the spring’s resident nymphs, to whom its healing properties are attributed.


Indeed, with a temperature of 60º, these waters are known for their near-miraculous therapeutic uses. For this reason, and its long history, a visit to As Burgas is a must for any traveller.


The modern layout is the result of many years of refurbishment and allows this space to be enjoyed to the full: a unique spa experience that will make an impression on any visitor to Ourense.


There are more hot springs and spas in Ourense, such as O Tinteiro, Outariz or A Chavasqueira.

Attractions in Ourense. A stroll around the attractions

The Roman Bridge, Santo Cristo, As Burgas, the Praza Maior and the Cathedral, among others, are Ourense’s main points of interest and most emblematic landmarks.

Finding your way to the heart of Ourense is a real orienteering challenge as you navigate the narrow stone streets. A fail-safe tip to avoid getting lost, while enjoying all the charm of this trip back in time, is to walk from square to square.

Guests staying at the Barceló Ourense will discover one of the most historic and impressive sights on their stroll around the city: the Praza Maior, an original sloping square and the centre of the old city; the Cathedral, a place of worship with the style of a fortress; the Chapel of Santo Cristo, where the statue of Christ has hair that is said to grow; or the Praza do Ferro, one of Ourense’s classic picture-postcard scene.

As well as the streets between the squares, you can stroll from bridge to bridge. As witnesses to the passage of time, the eight bridges over the river Miño are one of the main attractions of this destination. Ponte Vella or Maior (Old or Main Bridge) dates back to Roman times and its construction was an important milestone. In fact, the first step over the Miño remains an symbol of Ourense today.

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