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Barceló Aruba
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The tiny Caribbean island of Aruba is 30 kilometres of beach-lover’s bliss, and Palm Beach is a curve of sand on the island’s west coast that offers all the attractions you could imagine. Visitors discover wide spaces of fine white sand, turquoise seas and lots of opportunities for resting. That could be stretching out on the smooth sand, lounging in a comfy chair under a sun umbrella, or drifting on a raft in the balmy waves. The beach has a food and drinks service meaning holidaymakers can spend a day soaking up the sun, swimming, and maybe slipping on a snorkelling mask to peer into the world beneath the waves. What’s more, guests at Palm Beach hotels will enjoy all these activities without having to suffer the crowds. Although this part of paradise has an array of comfortable places to stay, travellers agree that it never feels crowded, making your stay even more pleasant. The wide beaches make a holiday in a Palm Beach resort a private and tranquil experience. It’s no wonder Palm Beach was voted the best beach in the world, and the most family-friendly, by discriminating travel writers.

Idyllic beach holidays

Hotels here stand out for the comfort and beauty of their oceanfront rooms. On the terraces and in the restaurants guests can enjoy fine dining and drinks as they listen to the waves breaking and watch the sun set. A nearly constant breeze washes the island, keeping temperatures comfortable and the rain at bay. That means not a minute of your precious time is ever spent wondering what to do during a holiday at Palm Beach. Fresh-water swimming is available in pools that meander free-form through hotel grounds, winding their way around natural rock formations and inviting guests to plunge right in. Top-notch resorts offer entertainment such as live music, clubs and casinos. There is access to golf, tennis, water aerobics and volleyball. Water sports include snorkelling, sailing and water polo. Some Palm Beach hotels provide lessons in a new kind of scuba diving in which divers breathe through an air pipe connected to the surface. The calm water and even temperatures make it a great place for beginner divers.

A happy island

A popular pastime in Aruba is walking along the promenade that runs along the edge the beach. Shaded by tall palms, the walkway provides glimpses into the lush gardens surrounding the best resorts. Restaurants, cafes and bars offer refreshment along the way. Fresh Aruban seafood is truly delicious. One traditional dish is concha stew, also known as calco stoba. Sea bass is another top choice for diners. At a Palm Beach resort, it’s all about casual fun in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff ready to point the way to top activities for families, couples and business travellers. Aruba truly earns its nickname: the happy island.

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