The complete guide to hair care on your next beach holiday: hair care tips

Does the beach play havoc with your hair? Read our after beach hair care tips to keep your locks luscious during your beach break

Learn about holiday hair care to stop your beach holiday damaging your hair

When you go on a beach holiday, are you one of those lucky people that have voluminous, wavy, sun-kissed beach hair?  Or, do you spend your time on the coast wrestling with a head of something more closely resembling straw? If so, you’re in need of a few beach hair care tips.

After all, you,ve got to be careful. The negative effects of even just a few short days in the sun can last for a long time after the beach holiday is over.

The beach isn’t kind to our hair. It's true that the damage that the sun does to our hair isn’t as obvious as when our skin burns. But that doesn't mean it isn't taking its toll.

Team that exposure with the salt water, and probably chlorine too, the constant wetting and drying, and the wind, and it can be a recipe for dry hair that’s feeling very sorry for itself by the end of your time in the sunshine.

If you want to make sure that your hair is looking on point during and after your next beach holiday? Then read on for our tried and tested holiday hair tips.

Making sure your hair is healthy before you go is one of the best beach hair care tips

Holiday hair protection is going to be much easier if your hair is in good condition before you go. Most people recommend getting a trim about every two months or so to keep your locks in tip-top condition.

It’s not just the beach that can be tough on your hair. The elements can damage your hair anywhere. Likewise dying or using heat tools on your hair will always have a negative impact.

So, make sure you’re taking good care of your tresses so they’re in good shape and you don’t need to worry so much about how to protect your hair from sun damage when you’re away.

The best beach hair products are often the most natural ones

A coconut oil hair mask is the best after sun hair conditioner

If your hair is feeling a little dry after a day on the beach, then organic, virgin coconut oil is one of the best beach hair products. It's makes a fantastic after sun hair mask.

Bring a pot with you from home (wrapping it up carefully before putting it in your luggage!)When you’re chilling in your hotel room after a long day at the beach, slather your hair in it and wrap it up in a towel, then sit back and relax and let it work its magic for as long as you can.

We love the scent of coconut oil, which makes this one of our favourite beach hair care tips.

Then, simply wash it out thoroughly, and your hair will be left super smooth and silky, revitalised and ready to take on more days on the beach.

You can also use coconut oil as sun protection for your hair when you’re actually on the beach. As hair products for beach holidays go, it’s a great multi-tasker.

It protects your hair from the sun and sea by acting as barrier between your hair and all that salt and those rays. Consequently, it minimise damage done rather than repairing it afterwards.

Take a nice brush with you for after sun hair care

Good quality brushes can be pricey but they’re worth their weight in gold. When you have sun damaged hair you need a brush that’s going to detangle gently without causing more breakage.

We often leave our nice brushes behind when we go on holiday as they take up space in our suitcases. It’s definitely worth finding room for a decent brush if hair protection is a priority for you.

One of the best holiday hair tips is not wetting your hair too often

A great tip for holiday hair care is not wetting your hair more than necessary

Now we’re definitely not going to stand between you and a delicious dive into the sea or that swimming pool. There’s something wonderfully liberating about fully submersing yourself in water.

Just be conscious of how many times you’re getting your hair wet per day. It all takes its toll on your hair, after all.

One of the best hair care tips we’ve discovered is to wet your hair with fresh water from the shower before diving into salty or chlorinated water so your follicles soak up the fresh water first.

Dry hair, or hair that’s been chemically lightened, is especially sensitive to chlorine.

Wearing a hat is the best natural sun protection for your hair there is

Something as simple as wearing a hat can be an amazing way to protect your hair from sun damage. Scarfs work wonderfully too.

Invest in a cute hat or scarf that goes beautifully with your swimming costumes. It’ll add a certain something to your beach look as well as protecting you.

Hats are also great from stopping your hair getting too tangled if it’s a windy day at the beach.

Save yourself from too much after beach hair care by wearing a hat

Protect your hair at the beach by plaiting it before you go

Hats are a great way to stop your hair getting too tangled, but so is plaiting your hair.

Keeping your hair from getting knotty in the wind means you won’t end up damaging your hair when trying to brush it out later on. It makes after beach hair care a breeze.