Cathedrals and croquetas- A guide to the best tapas in Seville

Do you want to try the best tapas in Seville? Visit the oldest tapas bar in Seville and try these typical Spanish dishes for the ultimate foodie experience

It is easy to fall under the spell of Seville. With its rich cultural history, impressive Moorish architecture and laid back, casual vibe, Seville is an enchanting city and a hotspot for foodies in search of their next meal. The city is a patchwork of plazas and meandering streets with some of the best tapas in Seville being served in the most unsuspecting corners of the city. There is no such thing as taking a wrong turn in Seville, as everywhere you go it is easy to find a tucked away bar whipping up an array of typical Spanish dishes, all of which are finger licking good. So, let the gentle fragrance of orange blossom guide you down the city’s winding streets and pull up a barrel at one of it’s many tapas bars to enjoy the taste of Spain.

The Search for the Best Tapas in Seville

Food is a passion for Spaniards and they take it very seriously, so it is no surprise that a simple plate of tapas is an explosion for the tastebuds. However, a little known fact is that Spain’s tapas culture can vary drastically between regions, with some areas such as the Canary Islands having very little tapas culture in comparison with Andalucia. It is believed that the origin of Spanish tapas comes from the royal court where a succession of Spanish kings made it mandatory for all glasses of wine or beer in taverns to be served with a plate of food to prevent illness and drunken behaviour. The word ‘tapas’ comes from the Spanish word ‘tapar’ which means ‘to cover’ and can be interpreted as a way to line the stomach while drinking or as a tasty way to stop flies entering the glass. Today, the popularity of this tradition has made Spain a top gastronomic destination for foodie fans in search of typical Spanish meals.

Seville’s Take on Typical Spanish Food

In Seville, typical tapas dishes have taken Spanish culinary classics and reinvented them on a bite sized scale. Plates such as Solomillo al Whisky take the traditional pork steak and using a sensationally seasoned sauce it becomes a new dish, common on the menus of the best tapas restaurants in Seville. Other show stopping dishes include ‘Espinacas con Garbanzos’ or ‘Spinach with Chickpeas’ which combines cumin and chickpeas -originally brought over by the Moors, with spinach- which grows in abundance in Spain. Of course, firm favourites such as Croquetas, Boquerones and Spanish ham appear are a must eat in Seville and they appear on nearly every restaurant menu in the country.

Our Restaurant Guide-Seville

There are many different styles of tapas restaurants in Spain and the best tapas bars in Seville are no different. From chic modern hangouts where the decor is as sparkling as the cava, to neighbourhood bars with elderly men sitting elbow to elbow gazing at the dusty chalkboard menu, there is not one set place to find the best tapas in Seville. So, whether you are looking for the best tapas in Seville old town or want a taste of the Michelin Guide Seville, be sure to expect a sizzling array of gourmet treats. Of course, some of the places to eat in Seville old town have become honey traps for hungry tourists but, the city is teaming good value, traditional Spanish restaurants for those in the know.

The Oldest Tapas Bar in Seville

Rumour has it that ‘El Rinconcillo’ is the oldest tapas bar in Seville, dating back to 1670 and for those in search of a mouth watering combination of taste and tradition, it is a must visit for cheap eats in Seville. Fish, meat, tortillas and soups dominate this menu, ticking all the boxes for its traditional tapas offerings. Bottles of wine lined up inside a cabinet of curiosities cover the walls and a steady throng of locals and tourists flock here to experience the relaxed ambience of this typical eatery. They even offer set menus for groups and they also cook up a feast for special occasions like Christmas when their menu features the typical Spanish lunch of king prawn soup, turkey, roasted mean and turrón - a sweet almond treat.

Modern Tapas Bars in Seville

While the search for the best tapas in Seville may lead you to some pokey and precious tapas bars, chefs here are redesigning the concept of tapas in this city, opting for a more spacious, modern vibe. A table in one of these fancy tapas bars has become a hot commodity in Seville amongst diners looking for a more experimental experience. Expect whitewashed interiors, stark tiled floors and cocktail menus equally as elegant as the interior. Sobretablas is one such bar and a new face on the Seville Michelin Star restaurant scene. Their tapas offering is an elaborate makeover of typical Spanish tapas and eloquently combines timeless tastes with a refined creative flair. Be sure to book a table on their patio to enjoy one of the top places to eat in Seville.

How to Find the Best Restaurants in Seville

Overall, the best restaurants in Seville are easy to spot, just follow the sound of wine glasses chinking and let the delicious smells of freshly prepared bites entice you in. In the summer, terraces will be packed with people enjoying a quick aperitif before their evening meal and in the Winter you will struggle for a seat inside one of the city’s top tapas bars. Finding the best tapas in Seville may be harder than it looks but once you have found it, no other tapas experience will compare. What dishes are you eager to try?