Everything you need to know about Cuba family holidays

Looking for the best activities and attractions for your Cuba family holidays? Check out everything Cuba has to offer for your next family getaway.

Looking for the best activities and attractions for your Cuba family holidays? With pristine white beaches, tropical weather climates and endless entertainment, Cuba has plenty to offer for your next getaway family.Allegro Palma Real is one of the best places for a family holiday in Cuba, offering impeccable facilities and services to keep even the littlest members of the family happy. The hotel offers daytime and evening entertainment, including tennis courts, volleyball, beach football, board games plus a nightclub. If that were not enough, there are plenty of water sports activities on offer, from canoeing, kayaking and snorkelling, to sailing the shores in a catamaran. The hotel also offers two swimming pools for adults and one for children and offers delicious cuisine in its varied choice of bars and restaurants.Check out our round-up of the best things to do on the island for an unforgettable family holiday. 

Isla de Coco is Havana 's fun-filled amusement park and a fantastic choice for a family day out in Cuba. With big Ferris wheels, bumper cars, roller coasters, carousels and more, there are endless attractions for the family to enjoy. Isla de Coco is ideally located just a few minutes from the beach and the circus, so if you fancy a break from all the rides and thrills then there is plenty more to explore.

Cuba's Chocolate Museum is every child's paradise and a must-visit on your family travels. Located at the corner of Merchants  and  Bitterness  streets in the heart of Old Havana , the museum allows you to watch chocolates being made inside the premises while you sip on a warming cup of hot chocolate or soothing glass of cold chocolate. Chocolate Museum also sells delicious artisan chocolates singly, or boxed, if you fancy taking home some treats. 

Varadero beach is a family-friendly stretch offering a paradise of transparent green waters. Offering 25km of soft sandy shores spanning the entire peninsula, it is not wonder the Varadero beach has become one of Cuba's most popular. Work your way from one end to the other, indulging in the number of activities available here including diving, sailing, snorkeling and fishing or take a break and retreat to some of the other museums and galleries that lay just a few feet away. Check out more of Cuba's best beaches here . 

Enjoy an exclusive family adventure at the Crocodile Farm in Boca de Guam á , near the gorgeous Larga beach. This crocodile breeding facility raises two species of crocodile: the indigenous Cuban crocodile and its American counterpart, the American crocodile. The facility offers guided tours that take you through the various breeding stages, followed by an exclusive visit to the mesmerizing swamps where you can discover the creatures up close. Visitors can also legally buy stuffed baby crocodiles or dine on crocodile steaks. This hot spot is a thrill for adults and children alike where you can see, touch and feel the fascinating crocs.


Cueva del Indio is Cuba's largest cave in a pretty nook 5.5km north of Viñales village. After a short 200 meters walk, you will be transferred to motor boat as part of the cave is only accessible by boat. The cave is covered with electric lighting and formations of stalactites and stalagmites, making it one of Cuba's most beautiful attractions to witness. 

Topes de Collantes is a nature reserve park in the Escambray Mountains range in Cuba. Here, the whole family will love exploring the parks' caves, rivers, waterfalls, grottos, canyons, mountain hills and natural pools with crystal clear waters. Caburni Falls is the most popular park hike through coffee plantations, traditional farmers houses, and cliffs to end Caburni river which falls from a 62-meter rock wall into a series of ponds. The attraction is a sight for eyes and a favourite for tourists flocking over to the country. 

Embark on an unforgettable adventure on Cuba's exclusive zip line attraction, where you can fly across 1600 meters of landscapes and admire the breath-taking forest roof and lake beneath you. Professional instructors maintain high safety standards and equipment, so you can ensure the kiddies are in safe hands! 

Of course, a family getaway to Cuba would not be complete without a road trip through the streets and squares of Old Havana . Hop on a vintage car tour and discover the streets and colourful architecture from a classic open-top convertible. The whole family will love the scenic drive, particularly along the Malecón - the renowned eight-kilometre long avenue along the coast.