Say I do: Top destinations for celebrating millennial weddings

Gone are the days of a traditional wedding celebration. Millennial weddings are the perfect excuse to jet-set and wed!

Imagine getting married in Mexico on a paper-white beach with the warm Caribbean Ocean lapping at your toes. Or, perhaps tying the knot in Turkey set against a backdrop of multi-colored hot air balloons is more your style. These days, millennial weddings go above and beyond to celebrate true love. So, if you want to enjoy a wedding and a vacation all rolled into one, these top wedding destinations are your ticket to happily ever after. 

The truth about millennials and marriage

Compared with previous generations, it may be easy to believe that millennials are not getting married. Financial instability and a desire to climb the career ladder are just a few of the reasons why many young people choose to delay settling down. However, life can’t put a pin in every couple’s marriage plans and because of this, millennial weddings have become a hot topic. From destination weddings to eco-friendly celebrations, millennial weddings are all about embracing individuality and crafting a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects the couple's values and celebrates their love in a truly special way.

Daydream-worthy destinations for next-generation weddings

When you are in love, the world truly feels like your oyster. When it comes to choosing a destination for millennial weddings, it has to feel special. Gone are the days when a quick church ceremony and a backyard celebration would cut it. 

Today we are in the age of social media weddings and when it comes to tying the knot, more is more

Today we are in the age of social media weddings and when it comes to tying the knot, more is more. Ensure your big day is as memorable as your love story with these wedding destinations worth traveling for.

Triple Steps Beach, Aruba

Magical Moroccan millennial weddings

If you crave warm weather, exotic surroundings, and awe-inspiring Arabian architecture as the backdrop for your big day - Morocco is the place to be. From all-inclusive Marakesh hotels, regal Riads, and stunning palaces you won’t be short of venues to choose from. Treat guests to a boho-chic ceremony and incorporate traditional Moroccan arts and crafts into your wedding decor. The eclectic mix of bold colors and textures will provide a feast for the eyes and delicious local cuisine such as lamb tagines washed down with gallons of sweet mint tea will be a feast for the belly. Enlisting the help of hotel wedding planners will also ensure that no detail goes amiss. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get hitched abroad.   

Host an alternative wedding ceremony in Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica

Do you dream of an exotic wedding in a luscious, secluded location? Travel to the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The spectacular jungle landscapes and picture postcard beaches of this region provide an idyllic setting for exchanging vows. Just imagine the wedding social media posts from a ceremony that has a golden sunset and palm trees as the backdrop. Many all-inclusive hotels offer wedding packages that take care of every last detail so that all you need to do is show up, with the rings of course! To make your ceremony that extra bit special, tap into the rich Costa Rican culture and incorporate local music, dancers, or a blessing from a shaman into your plans for the big day.

The exotic surroundings of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region make for an unforgettable wedding

Choose alternative venues for weddings like an Aruba all-inclusive hotel

If you are on top of the latest wedding trends, you will know that millennial weddings are all about making a statement. Where better to declare your love than in the luxurious surroundings of Aruba’s hottest hotel, the Barceló Aruba

Leave your big day in the hands of professional wedding planners 

Leave your big day in the hands of professional wedding planners and let them create the Caribbean wedding of your dreams on the paper-white sands of Palm Beach. As you float on the warm Caribbean breeze, soak up the lively atmosphere of Aruba and relax and have fun in this prestige wedding setting. 

Incorporate alternative wedding ceremony rituals into your Mexican marriage ceremony

Millennial weddings are all about spicing things up and what better way to follow wedding trends than heading to the Riviera Maya for your big day? Once home to the ancient civilization, the Mayans, this slice of paradise offers sensational surroundings for your destination wedding. Celebrate the beauty and heritage of the region by adding a Mayan tradition to your ceremony. The Mayan "Tying of the Knot" ceremony, also known as "Mano a Mano". involves tying a ceremonial knot around the couple's wrists with a ribbon or rope made of natural materials. This symbolizes the divine union of the two lovers and can be performed by a Mayan shaman as part of the ceremony.  

Incorporate Mayan rituals into your wedding ceremony to truly wow your guests

Set your wedding social media on fire with a Maldives wedding

When it comes to love, people go to the ends of the earth. And, where is more secluded and idyllic than the Maldives? With beaches that look like computer screensavers and untouched natural surroundings, there is no other place in the world that offers such romantic backdrops as this archipelago. If you are looking for a wedding that will beat all millennial weddings, hire a wedding planner and book a vacation in the Maldives. From snorkeling among whale sharks and manta rays to admiring coral reefs up close, everywhere you turn, love is in the air. Stroll hand in hand along paper-white beaches, share a plate of ‘as fresh as you can get’ seafood, and take in the sights and sounds of this tranquil escape before tying the knot on the privileged setting of Ari Atoll. 

Wedding or honeymoon, the Maldives are always a good idea 

Say I do with a view. One of the new wedding trends to enjoy in Cappadocia, Turkey

One of the most common occurrences at millennial weddings is posting wedding photos on social media. So, give your guests a treat for the eyes and get married against a backdrop of rainbow-colored hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey. Your guests won’t mind the long plane ride when they witness the beauty of the honeycomb-colored hills and the spectacular sight of the hot air balloons in flight- not to mention the delicious Turkish wedding buffets to indulge in. Book a vacation to this fairytale wedding setting and let your hotel’s wedding planners weave their magic to make your big day memorable.

Take your love to new heights and say “I do” on a hot air balloon looking across Cappadocia, Turkey