Safe sunbathing guide for the Canary Islands in August

Heading to Spain in August? Check out the ultimate safe sunbathing guide for adults and kids to enjoy the Spanish sun safely this summer.

Heading to Spain in August for a scorching hot summer getaway? We don’t blame you. With more than 1,000 miles of Mediterranean coastline, seven outstanding islands and a mix of beautiful cities and towns, Spain is undoubtedly one of the hottest destinations to explore this summer 2018.The Canary Islands, in particular, are renowned for their incredibly hot temperatures during the summer months, with temperatures hitting 30°C in August. While the hot temperatures of the Canary Islands are sometimes lowered by cool air being blown from Africa’s Sahara Desert, particularly on the islands closer to Africa like Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, it’s easy to misjudge the sun’s strength and its harmful effects.Whether you’re coming for a city break or a beach holiday at one of the top resorts from the Canaries to the Costas and the Balearic Islands, sun-seekers must ensure they stay safe in the sun by taking the necessary precautions.Check out the ultimate safe sunbathing guide for adults and kids and discover how to stand the Spanish heat this August.Wear sunscreenAlthough the glorious sunshine is one of the Canary Islands’ main attractions, it’s essential to be safe when soaking up the rays.  During the summer months, the importance of sunscreen cannot be understated, as it helps keep ultraviolet rays - UVA and UVB - from damaging the skin. Using a high factor sun cream is essential for protecting your skin from the sun, with SPF30 the recommended factor. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen when you are outside even on overcast days as the sun’s UV rays can penetrate through clouds.

For the best results, slather on the sunscreen approximately 30-60 minutes before going in the sun so that it can be absorbed by the skin and is less likely to wash off when you perspire. Remember to reapply as the day goes on, particularly after swimming.Sun cream can be bought on the beachfronts and promenades of most resorts as well as being widely available in shops. Wear the right clothesWearing the right clothing is one of the most basic precautions you can take to protect you from the sun. You should wear loose cotton clothing to cover up the majority of your skin without roasting in the hot temperatures. Wearing a hat outdoors is also great way to protect your hair, eyes, and skin from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, with a wide-brimmed hat shading both your face and neck. Protect your eyesAlthough sunglasses make a great fashion accessory, they are, in fact, crucial in protecting your eyes from the sun. Ensure you wear sunglasses outdoors, particularly during peak sunlight hours, between 10am and 2pm, when rays are the strongest. Also, be sure to wear your sunglasses when you’re at higher altitudes, where UV light can be especially intense.

Stay hydratedStaying hydrated in the Spanish heat is a must. The answer is simple; the best way to stay hydrated is by drinking some good old-fashioned water.  If you’re looking for some inspiration to get the water you need, toss some fruit in your glass for a little flavour. Lemons, limes, cucumbers and berries always do the trick. Sit in the shadeIn a hot summer climate, spending time in a shaded area can do you the world of good. You can still catch a tan laying underneath a palm tree or an umbrella on the beach, so you don’t need to worry about losing out on any tanning time. Looking for somewhere to stay in the Canary Islands? Check out the top hotels for some summer holiday inspiration. Barcelo Castillo Beach ResortSet in the tranquillity and beauty of Caleta de Fuste, Fuertventura, the Barceló Castillo Beach Resort is an all-inclusive hotel ideal for families or water sports enthusiasts. The hotel lies on the stunning seafront of Caleta de Fuste beach, with 380 modern bungalows and studios to make you feel at home.Enjoy a refreshing swim or bask under the wonderful sunshine by three magnificent swimming pools, surrounded by palm trees, sun loungers and sun shades. There are also shallow pools specially designed for the little ones, where parents can enjoy a drink at the snack bar while the tots play safely in the pool.Immerse yourself into the hotel’s luxurious U-Spa, with a sauna, Turkish bath, indoor and outdoor pool, five treatments room and more.Adrenaline junkies will feel in absolute paradise with the water sports on offer.

 Barceló Castillo Royal LevelBarceló Castillo Royal Level stands next to the golden sands of Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, and offers some of the best views of the Atlantic with its exclusive beachfront location. The hotel features 45 exclusive suites, all of which are spacious, comfortable and equipped for an unforgettable stay for couples, friends or holidays with the whole family.With three enormous swimming pools facing the sea, the famous U-Spa Thalasso, and a wide range of sports on offer within the premises, an endless amount of fun can be had at Barcelo’s spectacular resort. Barcelo Teguise Beach Barceló Teguise Beach is an adults-only modern beach hotel in the heart of volcanic paradise. Set in an unparalleled location on the seafront of Costa Teguise, one of the most attractive destinations in Lanzarote, Barcelo Teguise Beach is the perfect place to switch off from your daily routine and enjoy a relaxing retreat.The hotel stands out for having hot tubs in most of the 305 rooms, either inside the room or on the terrace. All the rooms are decorated with modern furniture and are equipped with the most advanced technological features.The hotel’s stunning infinity pool is a refreshing oasis where you can relax after a thrilling day of water sports or exploring the surrounding area. A top choice for a holiday in Spain in August.