The secret of the beaches of Aruba: An underwater cemetery

The secret of the beaches of Aruba: An underwat...

The secret of the beaches of Aruba: An underwater cemetery

The beaches of Aruba sound so exotic that few people could imagine the hidden treasures that cover the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Dozens of ships and even planes lie at the bottom of these coasts, among tropical fish and coral sanctuaries.

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Some of these ships were shot down by torpedoes during World War II and others were submerged by a storm. Nowadays, they have become part of the country’s tourist attractions for visitors looking for a holiday involving some diving.


The older the sunken remains, the more corals, sponges and marine polyps growing on their surface, a spectacle for divers and snorkelers. Some companies offer diving tours that include visits to the interior of ships and aircraft near the beaches of Aruba.

One of the best-known wrecks is the SS Antilla, also called the “ghost ship of Aruba”. The most daring even cross the porthole and open the hatches to investigate this 122-meter-long ship that was set on fire by its own German crew to prevent their enemies of World War II from taking it.

Near the SS Antilla, on the Barcadera reef, and 27 meters deep, lies the cargo ship Jane. This 75-meter-long Venezuelan ship was caught in a drug-laden state and sank in 1988. Today, divers can see moray eels, manta rays and brightly colored fish.

In addition to these ships, the remains of an airplane lie beneath the surface near the Renaissance Island. A YS-11 model made in Japan was part of the Aruba Airlines fleet (the logo can still be seen). Sank 27 meters deep, the craft looks like it is about to take off. The cabin remains intact and you can swim inside the ship.

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